The best places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo! A fun, spirited and delicious celebration of all things Mexican, Cinco de Mayo always celebrates an extravaganza of mariachi songs, colorful floats and sizzling street tacos. But before we get into all of that… what is Cinco de Mayo?

Significant in the American cultural calendar, Cinco de Mayo is misunderstood as a Mexican holiday, but it is also a small holiday in Mexico. It is a true symbol of the Battle of Puebla, an 1862 conflict between Mexico and Napoleon III of France during the Franco-Mexican War. Despite their large numbers and inadequate supplies, the Mexicans successfully led an invasion from Puebla and forced the French to retreat. It is therefore a symbol of national pride.

In Mexico, however, Cinco de Mayo is actually celebrated in the state of Puebla. If you want to get into some big fun, you have to go to America, a big party. Just as St. Patrick’s Day sees cities like NYC covered in shamrock greenery, Cinco de Mayo is a time for people with a Mexican heritage to celebrate their common sense and combine cultural sites that make Mexico unique. Needless to say, it was a helluva party.

Do you want to enter this year? Here are the best places in the USA to celebrate Cinco de Mayo:

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