The best 3 days on the Queenstown Itinerary

It is known as the hospitality capital and in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful places, Queenstown has it all. While you can easily spend a week or more here, this 3 -day Queenstown tour has all the essentials with a small snack, walking, hiking and sightseeing.

About this trip to Queenstown

Queenstown is a small town and in the center almost everything is within walking distance. However, if you live in the middle of Queenstown, you will forget about some of the best places, so you went on this Queenstown tour to Arrowtown and Gibbston Valley on day 3. There is a car system. reliable car and payment to help you get there. or you can use Ubers, buses or book a day trip with a car rental.

3 days on a walking tour in Queenstown

This trip is designed so that you can do it at any time of the year but it is best if you are going to Queenstown in the summer. If you’re visiting in the winter, you may want to add a few days hitting the cliffs at the nearby Cardrona ski resorts.

What’s in it for Queenstown?

Better Queenstown itinerary

Queenstown is one of the southernmost cities in the world so you can feel the cold until summer. In the winter, there is light snow in town and the temperature drops below 0 ° C. New Zealand is known for its changing weather so it is best to stick to multiple layers. .

Although it is the travel capital, the culture and atmosphere of Queenstown is unique. You’ll find plenty of puffer jackets, sneakers for all walks of life, and merino fur coats. For this trip, you’ll be doing most of the outdoor activities so you’ll be ready to cover the heat with blankets that will allow you to leave for hikes and bikes.

Day 1: Skyline, Ben Lomond, Luge, Queenstown Gardens

Deb ended her anxiety in Queenstown New Zealand

The best way to get a sense of Queenstown is when you arrive on the high street. So, start your first day in Queenstown with a ride on the Skyline Gondola. The Gondola takes you 450 meters up to the Skyline Center where you can see beyond Lake Wakatipu and the mountains of The Remarkables. From here, you have the options to grab a snack in the restaurant, book the food at the Jelly Bean Factory or just sit back and enjoy the views.

Ben Lomond Track

the three -day tour of Queenstown

In the summer, you have the option to continue climbing the mountain side to the top of Ben Lomond. This tour takes about 7 hours and promises incredible views from the summit. The road is not difficult, but you can get to the peak in the middle of summer because the snow covers the road most of the year. While you can’t climb all the way up, you need to continue a little way past the Skyline Center to leave the crowds and see more of the surrounding areas.

Paragliding a Luge or

3 days with Queenstown itinerary luge

On the way down, take the gondola and go for paragliding or luge. The luge is like a go-kart in which you drive up the mountain side on a zigzagging path at high speed. There’s a beginner and an advanced route if you don’t like jumps and tunnels on your first trip. When you finish the ride, hop on the gondola for another ride or head back down the hill to central Queenstown.

Spend the afternoon at the beach, strolling through the Queenstown Botanic Gardens around Frankton, or you can hike the Queenstown Hill Time Walk, where you’ll see exhibits about the history of that place spread along the way. Expect to spend 2 1/2 half hours to complete the Queenstown Hill Time Walk.


For dinner, dine at Botswana Butchery, one of New Zealand’s finest restaurants featuring high -quality local produce including lamb and meat. The heavy cups of the meat are nicely paired with a glass of Central Otago pinot noir, which gives you a chance to try again on day 3. See their website for details.

Day 2: Bungy Flight, Jet Cruise, Lake Cruise, Ferg Burger

Now is the time to find out why Queenstown is called New Zealand’s travel capital and book a bungy, swing, or catapult. Queenstown is home to AJ Hackett, the world’s first commercial bungy fly and you can take the fly at their first base at Kawarau Bridge. They also added two bungy jumps, longer than the previous Kawarau jump at 47m (Ledge Jump) and 134m (Nevis Jump). Read more on 8 good places to go on Bunjy’s flight in New Zealand

Morning Nevis Bunjy and Swing

must do in New Zealand bunjy jump
You can’t visit without doing a bunjy fly

If you’ve tried bungy jumping and want to try something different, there’s also a Nevis Swing and human catapult. Your ticket includes online transportation and a t-shirt that you can use as a token of your heroism. We made a combo ticket for two. Visit AJ Hacket for prices and to book tours.

Lunch Vudu Larder

After an adrenaline -filled morning, head back to Queenstown and soothe your nerves at a lazy lunch at Vudu Larder. With a prominent position on the lake front, Vudu Larder is one of Queenstown’s leading culinary delights that serves the finest breakfast and lunch with a healthy feel and a selection of vegan and vegan food. . I recommend the pancakes with lemon and coconut. If you have the time, other dishes to try are Yonder and Bespoke Kitchen.

Evening – Jetboat

Three -day Queenstown jetboat itinerary

If your nerves are stuck, you can try jet skiing in the afternoon. Choose between KJet, which starts out of Wakatipu and gets lots of spins and tricks as you sail down the Arrow River, or Shotover Jet which starts a little out of town and runs fast between the narrow streams of the Shotover River.

For a quieter option, there is a steam train at TSS Earnslaw that takes you out of Lake Wakatipu to Glenorchy and the sounds. This is a great getaway to see some of New Zealand’s most beautiful places with snow -capped mountains and native forests surrounding the lake. For a romantic option, book a cruise with wine and salt.

This 1.5-hour Queenstown scenic cruise takes you out of Lake Wakatipu where you’ll see views of the Remarkables, Bob’s Cove, Cecil Peak and Mt. Earnslaw derives from the comfort of the Spirit of Queenstown.


Finish your day with a drink at Perky’s Boat bar (a quirky boat bar that runs in front of the lake) or Lodge Wine Bar (a much better option in front of a men’s clothing store) . For food, you should try some of New Zealand’s famous Burgers from Ferg’s, the bells can be long but it’s perfect for delicious burgers that are bigger than your head. My favorite is the Sweet Bambi venison burger with boysenberry and brie but there are food options. To be served with a glass of ice from Mrs Ferg’s Gelateria nearby.

Day 3: Arrowtown, Arrow River Trail, Gibbston Valley wineries, Millbrook

On day 3, you need to get acquainted with the small town center of Queenstown so it’s time to head to Arrowtown. It’s just a short drive on the Arthurs Point red carriage to pick you up from Stanley Street in central Queenstown.

3 days with Queenstown itinerary arrowhead

I think it’s a good start so you can grab brunch at Arrowtown in Provisions, a restaurant on the quiet side of the main street that has a mouthful of cooked food and some of the food. good morning my best Kiwi. Eaten.

Arrowtown is better off in the fall when the trees along the river and the main streets are bright orange fires but every time of the year, this busy business town is full of nature. . You may be mistaken for thinking that the main street is right outside Disneyland because the buildings always maintain their Gold Rush-era facades. Please pop into The Remarkables Sweet Shop to taste their homemade fudge or fill a bag with vintage clothes from around the world.

Arrowtown is full of grocery stores if you are looking for a prescription drug. Alternatively, for diners, there is the Gibbston Valley Cheese and Patagonia Chocolates store, down the river. These are some of the best local crafts you’ll find in Queenstown and Arrowtown only.

While you’re in Arrowtown, take the time to walk down the creeks and see the old Gold Miner’s Cottages. They are very small but give an insight into the life of the early inhabitants of Europe and China in this area.

Arrow River Trail

From there, you can rent cars or e-bikes and head out on the Arrow River Trail to Gibbston Valley. The way the river has to make itself for the view, you can quickly over the release bridges, past gorges, farms, and mountains and even see bungy jumpers as you go. Of the Kawarau Bridge.

Visit a Vineyard

Gibbston Valley is a short drive from Arrowtown, where you will find most of Queenstown’s wineries. Almost everything is open for taste so just grab a map from the car rental store and stop where you want. Wherever you go, pinot noir is the most popular wine but you will also find grape varieties such as Gamays, pinot blancs and red combinations. Peregrine and Mount Eden are my Gibbston Valley wine shops. Most wineries offer food, bars or full bistro food. Nearby Arrowtown, there is an Amisfield Winery that owns a winning restaurant online.


To end the day, head to Millbrook Resort for a round of golf or a spa treatment. Millbrook is located on 650 acres of beautiful grounds filled with canyon streams, small stone bridges, and homes. The massage was so relaxing I almost fell asleep. Afterwards, you can enjoy a cup of tea in the living room which overlooks the golf course. The hostel will happily arrange a car ride back to Queenstown at the end of the day.

Queenstown is one of the most amazing places in the world with all the amazing sights that New Zealand has to offer and lots of activities to make the most of. This 3 -day tour of Queenstown is just the beginning of what has been offered. If you have more time, consider going to Te Anau and walking a section of Milford Street or driving the Cardrona streets to the Cardrona Distillery and Cardrona Hotel.

And that was the best 3 days on the Queenstown Itinerary. When planning your trip to New Zealand make sure you spend about three days in the country’s tourism capital. There are so many things to do, you can spend weeks searching for everything.

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