The Aidoc program receives an FDA green light for testing for brain aneurysms

Aidoc It received its second FDA 510 (k) clearance last month for the intelligence program that directs the detection and testing of brain aneurysms on CT scans.

According to the The FDA’s archive said the agency gave a green light on the device around the same time in March as part of Aidoc’s algorithm for diagnosing pneumothorax, or a falling lung, on X -rays. That consent was announced last week.

Aidoc marks this device as his ninth 510 (k). Its other services include testing and marketing programs for related suppliers. intracranial hemorrhage, neck fractures, pulmonary embolism, large vessels and lateral fractures.

“We know AI doesn’t have to be a specific outcome. When we talk to hospital officials, the industry has more to do with AI, because people know it’s not like a single pony. “You can’t work with AI. A thousand companies are doing one little thing,” said CEO and cofounder Elad Walach. MobiHealthNews.

“So there’s a way to build a holistic approach to AI. Our belief is that we need to be a full -fledged software provider and a corporate platform.”

Why it is

Brain aneurysms, or swelling of a blood vessel in the brain, can be fatal if they rupture. according to the Mayo Clinic. However, aneurysms cannot be developed before they rupture or leak, they are much smaller, so they can be seen when trying for other conditions.

Aidoc’s brain aneurysm program also includes a care management program that can accommodate providers such as neuroendovascular surgeons and neurologists. Walach argued that the way it communicates and interacts with an entire care team is one area where AI can improve outcomes.

“It’s written in the show, but what do you do next and who’s going to follow ?, but it also helps them close the loop,” he said.


Other companies are using AI for image processing and Zebra Medical Vision. The second was merged with Nanox last year and was renamed Nanox.AI.

Founded in 2016, Aidoc says it has raised about $ 140 million in total funding. The last round of the group brought in $ 66 million in July last year. Walach said Aidoc plans to double its number of products by 2022.

“Today, we thought a lot about the acute, which I think was a big idea because these are important areas where AI can help. I think there’s a lot of value for AI there,” he said. his place.

“The whole process is a big, big issue for us this year. There’s a lot you can do to be a working system for the industry with the help of one doctor.

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