The 7 Best Tools for CEOs to Improve Product

As a CEO, your core values ​​are leading your business to growth and success. But with so many courses to spin, your time can often be consumed by the new activities you need to keep going.

In order to be able to accomplish everything in your work-plan, working out how to make your business work is the most important thing in your mind. The good news is you don’t have to go alone – there are tons of tools for CEOs (and your personal assistants!) Available that can help improve your productivity by streamlining tasks. each day will turn you from the bigger picture.

Here we go Seven of the best tools for CEOs It can help you improve time management, productivity, and business growth in one fell swoop.

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is one of the best tools for CEOs to help them streamline business travel, saving them time and money on travel navigation and automation processes.

With access to the world’s largest airline directory and corporate accommodation database, CEOs can enjoy the benefits of TravelPerk’s own bookkeeping system to help streamline bookings. journey between their group.

Here are some other ways TravelPerk can grow your product as CEO by saving time and money:

  • You – and all staff – have 24/7 customer support with a 15 -second response time if you encounter a problem during business trips.
  • People who travel books in a group have access to all travel listings through a single user interface – which means they don’t have to browse multiple web pages to book transportation options.
  • The ability to integrate your travel policies into the platform will improve policy enforcement and save money on trips booked outside of the policy.
  • Having access to the world’s largest real estate portfolio gives you car and housing options at your fingertips, as well as access to free purchase prices negotiated with suppliers.
  • TravelPerk’s VAT reclamation tool can avoid lengthy and cumbersome return processes and save up to 20% of your annual travel costs.

Want to learn more about how TravelPerk is the right tool to help you grow your product by streamlining your company’s business travel program? Get it today for a free demo!

2. Molowa

Slack is a business memo and work tool available on desktop and mobile. It is one of the most effective tools for CEOs to help them communicate regularly with organizations and individuals through specialized organizations or project channels, as well as enable them to send messages. email throughout the organization without the use of long email lists. You can set reminders, customize your advertising preferences to help you keep track, and save important notes for easy reference.

In addition, users can record meetings through the app, create and assign tasks, and guide processes on -staff using the tool.

Slack is integrated with 2,400 different business services including Google Drive, Zoom, Salesforce, Asana, Airtable, various media technologies, and TravelPerk to help you reduce the need to change thresholds.

3. Evernote

Evernote is a note taking program with powerful features. The product developer allows you to create powerful memos based on links, lists, tables, attachments, and voicemails that can be searched, shared, and interacted with. others. You can organize your notes by uploading and storing them in notebooks.

For quick memos, Evernote widgets can write text messages, take pictures, and create reminders without opening the app, and you can display the widget on the lock screen. your phone and you need it.

4. Todoist

Todoist is an action management tool that helps business leaders organize, organize, and collaborate. As a CEO design tool, Todoist starts by helping you choose the product design that works best for you.

The user can convert emails into tasks, divide tasks into smaller chunks with labels and filters, enter task templates, and create a list of possible tasks. many people watch, use, and interact with to help reduce the amount of work. the time you spend assigning tasks to team members.

5. Trello

Trello is a great project management tool for CEOs to help you organize your business and personal affairs.

The developer organizes projects, activities, schedules, and workflows into kanban classes, as well as calendar information, maps, and timeframe. Users can simplify tasks by assigning tasks and deadlines to each individual, leaving notes, and providing task lists and to -do lists for each level of each project.

Trello can create credit cards for innovations so you don’t have to fill in the same information too often, and you can also use labels to pre -create actions to enhance your product.

6. Kalena

Calendly is a tool and meeting scheduler that is ideal for CEOs who want to efficiently manage complete diaries and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The app integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar and easily monitors your income to help you schedule meetings without having to worry about your calendar. He considers the different time zones and work schedules of your co -workers to make sure the times and days are right for everyone.

You can share information about the availability of your calendar via email so that others can clearly see when and on what dates you are free. Plus, you can customize your calendar to show only the times you want to have – so you can say goodbye to attending meetings during your lunch hour!

Calendly is a well -executed program for maximizing back -and -forth migration and the ability to make mistakes that are often involved in scheduling meetings.

7. LastPass

Did you know that we spend an average of 12 full days of our lives searching for different passwords and usernames that we need to access our online accounts? This is a happy time for everyone, let alone working CEOs.

LastPass is a password user that not only stores your personal data and passwords but also creates a password for each piece of software you use to prevent security issues.

In addition, you can share logins with your assistant or others who need to access a website without having to reveal the details of your password.

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