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Dental alignment with clear aligners has changed the face of orthodontic care for the better. While people often end up fixing their dental problems because of the fear of getting into metal braces, that perception has changed dramatically with the advent of clear aligners now. The aligners are made with clean, BPA-free steel and work similarly to metal shields to eliminate a variety of problems, such as crooked, full and crooked teeth.

The right editors This is done by first making a precise view of the teeth with a brush or 3D scan and then used to create a series of aligner bars, where each plate is more stable than the others. before. These plates are located right on the teeth and can be removed by the patient when eating / drinking and brushing their teeth, so it is easier to keep their teeth clean. They are used for a minimum of 20-22 hours daily, if the maintenance period cannot be extended. Each plate should be replaced every 1-2 weeks according to the orthodontist. Over time, the aligners slowly move the teeth to their desired position. The good part of treatment with clear aligners Visits to the orthodontist are very limited, so there is no need to take frequent breaks from work.

And when it comes time to choose a clear aligner, go with trusted brands like OrthoFX and speak well of your permanent dental problems. OrthoFX clear aligners use advanced technologies such as their triple-layered filter and a dual-layer alignment to provide faster and smoother results. It’s much easier to use.

What conditions can Clear Aligners handle?

Great food – This condition occurs when the upper teeth rest on the lower front teeth more than normal. While low blood pressure is required for normal functioning, overbite can lead to tooth decay, speech problems and jaw joint problems (TMJ). Other problems with overbite include biting and chewing.

Clean aligners can be used straight overbites and straighten the upper and lower teeth leaving a small edge. Severe overbite may require new treatment options.

Underbite – Clean aligners can be used edit below as well. This type of overbite is different in that here the lower teeth are located on top of the upper teeth. This can result in loss of teeth, difficulty speaking and misalignment of the mandible.

Cleaners work by placing the lower front teeth back and the upper teeth in the front position. In rare cases the underbite is incorrect and the lower extremity moves forward, and then the orthodontist may decide to use clean aligners in combination with other procedures.

nahu kea – It can be mistaken for one of the upper front teeth to bite the skin inside the lower front teeth. In that case, the teeth and jaws are not really connected and result in the natural wear of the front teeth and problems with the jaw joint (TMJ). It also results in poor food production.

Lightweight aligners can fix crossbites by guiding the upper teeth to the lips and cheeks and turning the lower teeth to the tongue. The main thing to do here is to increase or decrease the length of the jawbone for the better. If the crossbite is heavy and difficult, then other procedures with clean aligners can be used.

Open bites – This bad bite occurs when the hind teeth are in close contact with each other, but the upper and lower front teeth are hollow, leaving an opening when the toes are closed. It is a little difficult to chew and the facial bones are inserted into the upper and lower jaw. The problem increases due to prolonged use of the finger or use of a pacifier.

Clean aligners can be used to treat chronic and low back pain, but may need a new treatment in severely affected cases.

Full teeth – This problem increases if the neck is not large enough to hold all the teeth, which can result in twisting and twisting. Flattened teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay because of the ease with which food can be stored and the construction of plaque on the hard areas between the teeth.

If there is a place to move, then Lightweight aligners can straighten teeth make a good smile. In some cases, the orthodontist will first need to enlarge the feet in order to increase room for the teeth to move.

Aha – Separation problems can occur between the teeth when there is more room in the mouth. While the plates create beauty problems with your smile, it is much easier for food to be placed between them resulting in tooth decay, cavities and neck pain.

Replacing these joints with clear aligners will not only improve your laughter but also improve oral health.

Keep in mind that while clean aligners can handle the conditions mentioned above, each case is different and depends on its severity and complexity.

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