Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs exclaim: You look like S – T!

When the teasers for this season were shown Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs going to war, they were not laughing.

This week Native House Women of New Jerseythe ladies engaged in simple trust work (if any).

But Teresa couldn’t stop throwing Margaret under the car … even though her co -workers saw her as a hypocrite.

When Margaret stood up to him, he immediately turned to a bitter weeping game.

Teresa Giudice angrily complained to Margaret Josephs

Traci, in the “friends” role, takes the gals to TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park for a solid workout.

If you have done any of poe activities, you may need to interact with colleagues in the same way.

It is human nature to hold on to this kind of social justice, even if someone is to hold on to it.

Dolores Catania is not sure of this

Teresa did not need to smoke to complain, however, she was first seen in a bad mood when she arrived.

When he meets Traci on a closed -door trip (one partner gives a verbal message to a man shut up in the trees), his character is even more hurt.

“Maybe I’ll go up with some people I don’t like so I can throw them down,” Teresa said threateningly.

Dolores Catania and Jackie Goldschneider Spectate

“I don’t mind today,” Teresa agreed. “He spoke s – t.”

“This is the most crazy thing,” he said. “The eyes don’t have to be closed.”

Teresa might want to be careful. Housewives have been criticized in the past for making similar statements about human rights.

Teresa Giudice is kind of ugly

“I don’t know f – king [Traci]”Teresa is dating Melissa Gorga.” Why are you against my friend? “

“I’m not my husband’s guardian,” Traci said softly to the verification camera.

“He does what he wants, when he wants, what he wants,” he continued. “And what’s wrong with asking a question if you have nothing to hide?”

Teresa Giudice Blabs was a captive listener

“I don’t understand how angry people are when they ask,” Traci told Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs.

“That’s what he wants,” Jennifer argued weakly. “If you want to be friends with him, those are his words.”

Margaret knew it well: “It’s not a friend, it’s a dictatorship.”

Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Aydin were right

It’s amazing how Teresa gets to deal with questions about different men.

“Here’s the thing: Teresa has no problem taking my husband’s name,” Jackie Goldschneider said, referring to Tre’s rumors about Evan.

“But,” he said, “no one can ask about Louie.”

Jennifer Aydin told the red

Teresa told Jackie that she had complained to Margaret about Jennifer’s current problems.

“I have a problem with this because nobody knows about this,” he said.

“Now everyone knows why Margaret is,” Teresa said. “Margaret was the one who let the cat out of the bag.”

Dolores Catania STUNS with Teal

But while Tre is accusing Margaret, his magical friends think the blame is on Bill’s shoulders for cheating in the first place.

“Yeah but Margaret wasn’t the one who put the f -king cat in the bag,” Jackie said.

“Is Teresa really telling Margaret that she was guilty of bringing up Bill’s case after she treated my husband?” he added. “Yes, we can pretend?”

Jackie Goldschneider sees some hypocrisy

“He took the s – and threw it out,” Teresa continued, audibly.

“Yes, we can hear you!” Margaret spoke from the feet only. “And Jennifer needs to do this. Hold on!”

Teresa shot again: “Yes, you did!”

Margaret Josephs could hear all this

“Leave that alone, Teresa. We both have our share and it will be better,” said Margaret.

“A [Jennifer] and I am an adult, unlike the others here, “he said.

“Yeah, I know, if you don’t look like s – t,” Teresa said.

Margaret Josephs angrily (with debts)

“You did it before!” Margaret shot. “You look like s – t! You look like s – ti last year.”

Things got worse … at that time the curtain was dark.

The fighting will continue next week.

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