Telstra Health launches the adult care program

Telstra Health has launched its latest mobile app for the care of the elderly.

According to a press release, the CareKeeper app allows employees to view, capture, and record care by a resident’s side in real time via the phone app.

Combined with Telstra Health’s Clinical Manager software it allows providers to have a single source of reliability, reduce data interference, and maintain their chart patterns.

The app is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud and has security features such as logging in, independent log-in authentication, and logging out.

Why it is

According to the most recent national census of parental care workers, half of Australia’s parental care workers are aged 40 and over. Their generation, said Michael Donnelly, head of Aged and Disability at Telstra Health, is waiting for new results, which is why the company has worked with them to ensure better user experience with his new phone offer.

One of the key benefits of CareKeeper, like Telstra Health, is its icon -based design that allows employees to easily identify the tasks that need to be completed in the times required. the side of the natives.

When documents are created in real -time instead of in -house, employees can spend less time on their servers and more time with locals. CareKeeper’s intuitive design makes it easy and fast to document, the company said.


Earlier this year, Telstra Health expanded its HealthNow mobile app to allow users to download and share their COVID-19 certificates. The app is one of two apps in Australia to give way to the government’s My Health Record platform.

In August of last year, Telstra Health has teamed up with Hayylo, a provider of consumer communication systems, for care and community communication. They have integrated Hayylo’s chat platform and phone apps with Telstra Health’s system, providing an integrated solution that allows accurate and clear access to personal service information at regular intervals, visits to details, requests, records, statements and use of funds.

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