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Paleobiology: Few beetle larvae are amber

Riffle beetle larva. Edited by: V. Baranov

LMU zoologists found the first beetle riffle larva in Baltic amber.

Amber is a treasure trove of knowledge from the Past Earth, as she is able to care for plants and animals trapped down to the smallest details. Fossilized wood resin is an independent source for fossils of soft organisms such as insect larvae, which are not often kept in sedimentary deposits (rock fossils).

Most of the amber in Europe comes from the Baltic amber forest, which covered large parts of Northern Europe today 33-38 million years ago. Scientists led by LMU zoologist Joachim Haug have now identified the first beetle riffle larva in Baltic amber. Although riffle beetles (Elmidae) are important to modern aquatic ecosystems, there is little evidence for this group, and what evidence is available from adult species.

Using microtomography and synchrotron radiation analysis, the scientists were able to show the details of the larva covered by the inclusions and turbidity in the amber. These show that the larva has different large rows of triangular plates on its body. The presence of larvae in Baltic amber indicates the existence of rich streams of oxygen in the Baltic amber forest, while most of the larvae of click beetles live in those areas.

The information is shared on PeerJ.

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More information:
Ana Zippel et al, The prehistoric fossil of Elmidae: a species of food species preserved in Baltic amber, PeerJ (2022). DOI: 10.7717 / peerj.13025

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Presented by Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Directions: Paleobiology: Rare beetle larvae found in amber (2022, April 14) retrieved 15 April 2022 from https://phys.org/news/2022-04-paleobiology-rare-beetle-larva- amber.html

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