Summer skin care: 6 tips from BYouLaserClinic

Here are the best skincare products from BYouLaserClinic to help you prepare for the coming summer.

Summer is a fun time. With the long hours of daylight, we could spend a long time outdoors – on the beach and going on a fishing trip. We were able to climb the hills and go on a long vacation. We can party at night.

However, dryness, heat, or the cold can damage your skin, which is why you need to consider a summer skincare routine. Summer can lead to clean, darker, darker skin. It can cause sneezing, melasma, sea urchins and other problems. The sun can create a dark climate and summer. Remember, it is important to change your skin care in the summer because the threats to your skin are different at this time of year in the winter.

Ideas Skin ideas for summer

Here are some great summer tips –

  • Use sunscreen
  • Use good toner
  • Wash your face often to remove excess oil – skin will be more oily in the summer
  • Make sure your skin is hydrated
  • Avoid using heavy make-up

Choose a good skin care product. Sometimes it is better to get professional help, especially if you have a skin problem or anxiety.

If you are from Brooklyn and the surrounding areas of NYC, then you can visit laser and beauty care center for your summer skin care. The hospital offers a wide range of medications for the eyes and body. The staff trained here are certified estheticians. Here is a list of the best skincare products for the summer from this office in NYC.


Avoid direct sunlight in the summer. But sometimes, we get a quick job, so we have to take the risk. Apply a broad -spectrum sunscreen or moisturizer with a minimum of SPF 30. Apply it to all visible areas of your body. Don’t forget your lips, ears, feet, neck, and hands – we often miss these areas. Most people who just touch their eyes and hands can be seriously mistaken. This is probably one of the great summer skin care tips to keep in mind.

Remember, you need to reapply sunscreen once every two hours or so. So you need to harvest more if you need to spend a lot of time outside in the summer. Apply oil to keep your skin warm.

Keep Moisturizing

The winter air is much drier in the summer. However, you need to apply moisturizer in the summer because the summer air can be too dry. A heavy product can weigh down your face in hot weather. They can slog your skin pores, acne, and inflammation, even if you have oily or oily skin.

It is better to use a lighter. You can use a combination product that works like sunscreen and moisturizer.

In addition, a moisturizer with an SPF of 300 or more will provide a layer of protection. The SPF is about the amount of UV radiation that can make the sun shine on the skin, which means you get sunscreen.

Ease your skin care routine

Your entire summer skincare routine will be much easier. With the humidity and heat of summer, it’s a good idea to stop using a heavy cleanser and go for something cooler and cooler. This will work well for you.

Beautiful summer tips

Use Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is good for the human body all year round. It prevents hyperpigmentation, improves collagen production in your body, and reduces the appearance of fine lines on your skin. Therefore, use the antioxidant topical vitamin C in the summer. Remember, the sun’s UV rays are the main cause of damage to the skin, so it will always help to get protection. For best results, use your vitamin C after cleansing the skin, during the day and before bed.

Use to Exfoliate

There are many benefits of skin exfoliation –

  • Moisturize your skin
  • It gives you a radiant and glowing skin
  • It gives you an instant shine
  • It will prepare your skin for applying make-up
  • This prevents the pores of the skin from clogging up, which means you are less likely to break
  • Exfoliation removes impurities

Many people are wary of exfoliating in the winter because they are worried that the skin will just dry out. There is nothing to worry about in the summer, which is why you need to take care of your skin in the summer. It is made for all skin types, including oily skin. Incorporate exfoliation into your regular skin care routine to increase collagen production, which boosts skin elasticity, gives you glowing skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines. and leather.

Sit in the shade

This is a real no-brainer. You should stay in the shade as much as you can in the summer, preferably under the noon sun. Walk in the shade wherever you can, whether it’s trees or shade.

If you must go outside, make sure you wear sunscreen, such as loose -fitting cotton shirts, a wide -brimmed hat, clothes in light shades that are light and non -slip, and the glasses. Avoid wearing long -sleeved shirts if you can. The accessories you wear should be protective.

The end

Heat can damage the skin of any person. The scorching heat, also called miliaria, can become a prickly heat if you don’t take care of it during the summer. Hot bubbles occur when the pores of the skin become clogged, and sweat traps under the skin. This can cause red lumps and blisters. Other problems may occur. Too much sun exposure can kill sunburn and heat stroke. Remember these tips, be careful not to change your skin care in the summer. You should.

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