Success Story: Completing the Marathon des Sables Using Primal Traditions

Today I’m sharing a great funny story from Mark’s Daily Apple reader Nic, who accomplished a great physical activity with smart exercise and diet.

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success storyI signed up for the Marathon des Sables (MdS) about a year before the event was to take place in 2022. In terms of race knowledge at the time of registration, I ran in many marathons but only one 50km ultra race.

For those unfamiliar, the MdS is a race in its own right. There is a Bivouac at night (shared equally between 8 people) provided by the group. Although water was provided, it was largely segregated. You have to take the other things you need on the 6, 7 day 145 mile course, up and down the Jebels and dunes.

In addition to the physical fitness to finish the race, it then becomes a matter of planning, training, testing and evaluating what to do. Living in England, UK while studying, there is a wide difference from the expected racing conditions and the lack of options available to re -create training patterns without traveling around the world; but you’re investing in managing as many changes as you can!

I went on The Patience audio book on disaster. I had to use my membership credits to sign up for audio books, and really interested in the patient run, I chose this book. I was ignorant of the real purpose of the book, thinking it was a better kind of technology than putting things back in the way of internal aerobic engineering. The metaphor in the book is transforming your body into a clean electrical engine that burns fossil fuels and produces all sorts of nasties with unhealthy products.

The first listening to the book fascinated me, although I was a little skeptical because I was Vegan. Paleo and Vegan – hard to be honest, but I appreciate a regular diet. The food is much better. There is a history of gluten intolerance in my family. My grandfather and father were coeliacs, so the refusing piece of bread really appealed to me and gave me the last shot to avoid the bread as much as possible. (Thankfully, I don’t have celiac and I don’t show impatience so it’s nice to see sometimes.)

More than five to six months before the Marathon des Sables, I re -entered the training set out in the Primal Endurance book, while doing Maximum Sustained Power (MSP) exercises for the gym to train. myself, before hitting the sauna for. a fault in the increase in temperature. Preparing for a multi -day racing event is subject to unique challenges and misalignments with the Primal Endurance methodology. I had to train my body and mind for the exhaustion of 20+ mile long days, but I did my best to follow the spirit of the book. (Sorry Mark and Brad!)

Sunrise in the Sahara desert

A big part of MdS is taking care of your diet, which the Primal Blueprint, I believe, offers great benefits. If you want to compete on a hard board, you don’t want to keep cars in the race. With heat and other physical demands placed on your body, you want your internal engine to monitor the flow of oxygen and blood to your limbs to keep them moving forward. Not in your stomach or other digestive organs. My plan, following the plan, is for 100g carbs a day, no more. I rely on my aerobic engine to do most of the work. Where I need to strengthen myself, I will use a 100g carb supplement to accomplish this.

There is a minimum calorie limit that all athletes need, which is 2000 kcal per day. The event takes more than 7 days, so runners need to take in a total of 14,000kcal in a single day. We were allowed to drop 2000 kcal a day and the second day you would take 10,000 kcals. He is more than 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds, which is a minimum of 2000 kcal a day. Riders can take as much food as they want – at the cost of hauling it for 145 miles!

Walking bag with shoes and backpack sitting on top of a black and beige pattered backpackPlanning for a diet is simple: you want the lightest weight because of the amount of calories. At first, I was thinking about the taste. However, I am worried that the heat of the Sahara desert will result in poor goo swimming. What is made from peas? Nati. Nuts are the answer. You can have a variety of fruits that meet your specific nutritional needs: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. I also took a multi-vitamin and some sports green power to address the lack of fresh herbs and fruits. The high fat content of the nuts incorporated into the Primal Blueprint and the transformation of my body went on to become a fat smoker! The average weight of my diet at the start of the event was under 6.5 pounds (17,300 kcals).

While food is a major concern for all participants, it is often the case that the runners themselves are in a bad mood. Any excess weight (considering the prevalence between ages) is not a burden to exercise. The Primal Endurance protocol helped me cut the remaining pounds that I thought I could lose by going keto and fasting voluntarily without lowering my training schedule in the last few weeks until the race. I was at 18% body fat before the flight to Morocco. The MSP ethos has helped me maintain power and energy while performing my lean optimization.

The last benefit I got from using all of the above exercises was that I had to fix my missing hips and knees! Some athletes may have sometimes – or often – wanted anti -inflammatory or painkillers through their MdS test. (Some of the doses I’ve heard of runners are said to be able to take a small mule!) I’m thankful to know that no one should be eaten, I’m concerned about the benefits of not working out. oxidative damage by eating junk food and other things.

The result: an active MdS with a duration of 37 hours, 48 ​​minutes standard and 241 out of 800 active participants. (There is around a 12% withdrawal rate for 2022.) I came home with 14% body fat and a glitter medal.

The man in the red shirt and purple shorts stands in front of the finish line of the Marathon des Sables displaying the medal.

Good luck, Nic! Thanks for sharing your story with Mark’s Daily Apple team!

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