Stroke management company raised $ 100M has announced a $ 100 million Series D -sponsored healthcare launch taking its total cost to $ 1.2 billion. Tiger Global and Insight Partners led the circle, with participation from Scale Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Threshold, GV, Sozo Ventures, CRV and Susa.

This news came about a year after the company closed $ 71 million Series C total. Today, the industry accounts for more than $ 250 million in business investment.

IT’S WORKING has developed a care-coordination tool designed to help medical organizations share images and identify future patients. The product’s AI engineer can help test the medical images and detect strokes, and then help the teams take care of the patient. He currently offers AI diagnostic products for aortic diseases, pulmonary embolism and cerebral aneurysms. The team found that 510 (k) was allowed for a subdural hematoma.

Technicians using the system can take a digital view of the scans, which allows them to zoom in and out of the images and view the scan in 3D.


The company said the new money would help the business grow. The money will also go towards adding new patient training capabilities to the Viz Platform.

“We will continue to make significant contributions to cutting -edge technology and services that integrate deeply into the medical practice, allowing us to refine clinical diagnosis, increase diagnostic scores and improve workflows. between the entire hub and speaking to the health system, ”Drs. Chris Mansi, cofounder and CEO, said in a statement.

“More and more patients will have access to appropriate medication, resulting in better disease outcomes and better funding for the health system.”


Founded in 2016, the company has landed somewhere FDA De Novo in 2018 for its Contact, a decision support app that monitors CT scans and diagnoses a detected stroke. The process continued to work with the FDA on new algorithms. Most recently, in February the company landed an FDA 510 (k) approval for its algorithm designed to detect cerebral aneurysms.

There are several digital health professionals working in the stroke care area. For example, in 2021 India will start has announced a new stroke management platform that allows providers to visually and make informed decisions. In addition, MindRhythm’s stroke-triaging industry has launched a multicenter clinical trial to test the effectiveness of its stroke detection technology in 2021.


“ is the AI ​​health care team; they are the first tier in the health care organization, with a solid foundation of medical evidence supporting the value provided to health care providers and patients , ”said John Curtius, partner at Tiger Global. in a word. “We see even greater benefits as the industry expands to help life sciences professionals accelerate medical trials and accelerate patient access to new medicines.”

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