Stardust Technologies forms the Stardust Alliance with 20 partners

At the 37th Space Symposium, Stardust Technologies first made the news for its participation in the Rocket Innovation Challenge, today announced the details of its new Stardust Alliance for non -profit.

In a press release, Stardust Technologies said the “(Stardust) Alliance, (i.e.) a non-profit umbrella created by a group of like-minded people, will lead the company’s community development efforts, and Including its young business, as well as a B2B partnership to promote broad -based research and STEM and implement a collaborative program for broad -based equity and affordability.

The first project the Stardust Alliance will do is the Turtle Island Space Initiatives. The purpose of these activities is to “make research more widely available to Turtle Island’s indigenous people, including young people.”

The first action is rocket attack. “The best scholarship ideas will be rewarded with a coveted gift: one in three scholarships received on the rocket built by the world’s largest students, now in the final stages of education. the work at Space Concordia in Montréal. “

“This sound rocket was launched from Churchill, Manitoba later this year, climbing to an altitude of 100 km. It was the first Canadian aircraft to launch in more than two years, taking to a value proposition for scientific experiments, among the three prize winners.

Space Concordia is best known for its rocketry program at the University of Concordia.

Not content with a single project, the Turtle Island Space Initiatives will also implement Mission to the Stars. According to Stardust, “the program is designed to encourage Indigenous youth to prepare for economic growth and to work harder in its work. The Alliance will soon open a national appeal for the people. Young people interested in the aerospace industry and becoming explorers, astronauts, and analogue astronauts, giving them access, guidance, and other opportunities.

Speaking about the new Alliance and all of Stardust Technologies ’efforts, Grand Chief Derek Fox, Nishnawbe Aski Nation said“ I am very pleased with the building of the Stardust Space Center and their knowledge to develop Vision like this can inspire young people to pursue careers in science while increasing technology in the North.Our young people sleep a lot. they look at the night sky, and we encourage them to get the stars. I’m happy to work with these friends to increase their awareness. “

The Rocket Innovation Challenge is organized by Launch Canada with Stardust Technologies as a new partner to be held August 1-6, 2022. With this competition, the Stardust Alliance will host the Stardust Festival. “The festival will focus on STEAM activities and the importance of mental health education and the perpetuation of Indigenous culture and knowledge systems in research and exploration. The festival program includes traditional drumming performances, cultural and intellectual workshops, an open -air symposium, as well as a trade show, as well as a gala.

Frank Louvelle, of the Cochrane Board of Trade, said his company was “proud to be a partner in providing STEM opportunities” to young people. “Putting them in places like exploring the sky”, he continued, “opens their minds to their unlimited time and possibilities. This is a very positive result. Business to their lives. “

There are founders of the Stardust Alliance;

  • Lockheed Martin (USA)
  • Western University (London, Ontario)
  • Lahui Nishawbee Aski (Ontario)
  • Kanaka Nickel (Cochrane, Ontario)
  • Beyond Blue Aerospace (Peterborough, Ontario)
  • Space Concordia (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Blue Blue (Cornwall, UK)
  • EXPLOR (Sidney, Australia)
  • Janet’s Planet (Goodlettsville, Tennessee)
  • Canada (Mississauga, Ontario)
  • Habitat Mars (Brazil)
  • North North (Cochrane, Ontario)
  • SEDS Canada
  • The Mars Society of Canada
  • Portiguar Rocket (Natal, Palakila)
  • Link North (Timmins, Ontario)
  • Northern University (Timmins, Ontario)
  • University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario)
  • University of Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia)
  • Simon Fraser University (Surrey, British Columbia)
  • Astro Access (USA).

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