St. Mark’s Square opened the Procuratie Vecchie building

(CNN) – Venice isn’t popular with tourists, but its newfound knowledge uses the city’s overtourism problem by directing visitors to social responsibility.

The Procuratie Vecchie at St. Mark’s Square – one of the most famous buildings in one of the world’s most famous cities – has opened to the public for the first time in history.

It was built in the 1500s until the Basilica of St. Mark, the construction of the square, after the destruction of a former building by fire, the 500-foot building, Neoclassical façade is one of the most famous paintings of Venice. Its ground floor porticoes house historic restaurants such as Quadri.

The reconstruction was supervised by author Sir David Chipperfield.

The reconstruction was supervised by author Sir David Chipperfield.

Alessandra Chemollo / THSN

Now, for the first time, visitors can enter its fourth and second floors, where a permanent display is housed under the building’s cemetery.

It was the headquarters of the General Insurance Company of Italy since 1832, the building was rebuilt in five years under the direction of author David Chipperfield.

Although Generali maintained offices on the frescoed second floor of the building, and rented a third (with exhibits, to be open to the public), the fourth would be the main office of The Human Safety Net, where programs to help. victims and their families, including refugees.

One of them was a hi-tech show of a kind not seen in Venice. Instead of covering history or the arts, “The World of Potential” looks at social skills through technology. The hand -held demonstrators, designed to inspire awareness and love among visitors, include team games, as well as one -on -one training that allows visitors to lift the ball into the air with the power of reason.
The show develops social skills.

The show develops social skills.

Andrea Martiradonna / THSN

Of course, this is Venice, there are a-gogo ideas. Purchasing a ticket for the show (half of the trip to The Human Safety Net) will give visitors access to the four -story courthouse, whose two floors point directly to each other. measuring the domes of St. Mark’s Basilica and the famous campanile (bell tower). The steps are not visible in the square, because they are below the line of the house. However, the upper rooms had windows that overlook what Napoleon described as “the living room of Europe.”

The right space is probably the most interesting project. Chipperfield’s renovation turned the abandoned floor of the building into a large group of adjoining rooms, with stone cladding walls enclosing them all the way.

There will also be some workshops and meetings on the top floor, although it will not be open to the public or residents, but will be used by visiting organizations and NGOs to spend time. and Venice. The cafe will only be open to exhibitors.

Generali first oversaw the rebuilding of the Royal Gardens, a popular residential area in the center of St. Petersburg. Mark’s Square and the beach.

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