Spain introduces free multi-travel train tours from September

(CNN) – The cost of public transportation in the Spanish state has been cut by half in response to rapid increases in energy and revenue. Now, the government has announced 100%reductions.

During the month of September, passengers will be able to travel between the various trains operated by the Renfe public railway company for free.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced that major travel tickets will not be charged for trains operated by the public services of Cercanías, Rodalies and Media Distance (including domestic and long distance) from September 1 to the end of the day. the year.

The measure excludes single -trip tickets, or long -distance trips, such as public broadcast TVE. Travel tickets are available at a minimum of 10.

Take care of money and the environment

“This promotion encourages more use of this type of public transportation to ensure daily commute with a safe, reliable, comfortable, economical and sustainable route, amidst amazing conditions. of rising energy and fuel prices., “the Spanish Ministry of Transport said in a statement.

The Renfe plan was announced shortly after the Spanish government promised a 50% reduction in car fares for the state.

Spain is not the only European country to take steps to reduce the cost of public transport.

Last month, Germany introduced a € 9 ($ 9.50) non -public bus ticket that can be used on local and international vehicles. The deal, which is part of the national energy sector, is set to run until the end of August.
At the end of 2021, Austria introduced a reduced “climate ticket” in the form of public transport in the country, with the aim of encouraging people to leave their car at home.

The Klimaticket costs only $ 1,267 (€ 1,095) a year, working around $ 3.50 a day.

Photo credit: María José López / Europa Press / AP

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