Solera Health introduces new health offerings

Solera Ola, A digital platform provides a marketplace for disease-management benefits and programs, increasing its access to the digestive health system. The Phoenix, Arizona -based company has announced that it will offer gastrointestinal -related health products from Oshi Health and Vivante Health.

Oshi provides virtual-first GI care for patients with a variety of conditions. The service includes health education, nutrition and mental health support, personal care programs and lab-tracking tools, and services to monitor symptoms and care organizations, such as Company website.

The Vivante Health foundation provides round -the -clock support from nurses, registered nutritionists and health educators. Some even have a service to look at the stomach chemistry of a limb. The platform provides users with nutrition education, training, diagnosis and personal testimonials.

Why it is

These new gifts increase Solera’s range in the GI tract. Digestive disease is common in the US In fact, 60 million to 70 million people in the US suffer from digestive disease, according to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

“Digestive health problems affect one in five Americans and more than $ 140 billion annually in direct or indirect costs to staff and health care systems,” he said. Mary Langowski, CEO of Solera Health, in a statement. “These standards are difficult to identify and maintain, but with our curated network of global digital systems at Oshi and Vivante, we are greatly training access for members by speeding up the process. time-to-diagnosis and driving positive outcomes.We are just building this partner network, we are also helping to recruit members and get involved to increase savings and provide a universal suffrage. “


Solera Health gifts cover a wide range of diseases and lifestyles, including diabetes, hypertension, weight management, smoking cessation, depression and poor sleep. In 2019, the company joined $ 42 million in Series C funding, bringing its total expansion to $ 72 million.

This is not the first team for Oshi. Earlier this month, the company announced it was teaming up with Firefly Health provides digestive care to the frontal lobes. In October 2021, Oshi earned $ 23 million in Series A funding.

Vivante Health has also been involved in a number of activities in the past. For example, in 2020, the company will be merged with Welltok Health Corporation (now a part of Virgin Pulse) to donate its gut program to Welltok members. Earlier this month, Vivante Health announced a $ 16 million Series Around fundraiser led by 7wireVentures.

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