Should your dog go Vegan?

In fact, Churchill says, it’s always wise to ask your doctor about dog food, vegan or meat products. The market is full of them, he knows, but not all of them are equally good.

The current study, supported by the nutrition team ProVeg International, involved more than 2,500 dogs. The vast majority, 54%, said they fed their regular dog meat. One -third reported using raw meat foods, and 13% vegan foods.

Respondents traditionally used commercial, non -home -made cattle feed, according to lead researcher Andrew Knight, a veterinarian at the University of Winchester Center for Animal Welfare in the United Kingdom.

Overall, half of respondents in the regular food group said their dog had some form of health problem, with 43% of those who used raw meat, and 36% in the vegan group.

Dogs that eat raw meat make fewer visits to the doctor. But that doesn’t mean they are better, the three doctors are serious.

Vets often practice giving dogs raw meat, because of the risk of contamination with pathogens. So the people in that fleshy group probably avoided the advice of the animals, say the experts.

According to Knight, many businesses are growing high -quality vegan dog food products.

“We have enough confidence, scientifically, that dogs can be healthy – and of course, grow well – on good quality vegan foods,” he said.

Churchill said he would not recommend vegan foods for growing dogs or pregnant dogs to be more nutritious. Vegetable foods, he said, are indigestible because of their high fiber content.

In addition, Churchill said, he went back to talking to your doctor about the right products for your dog, and understanding that they change depending on health status.

It’s also a good idea to talk about the size of the piece.

“Dogs eat, in fact,” said Churchill, and when they are “constantly looking” for food, they can be mistaken for real hunger.

Obesity is one of the most common health problems of the canine. For many reasons, Churchill said, too much food and lack of exercise were helpful.

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