See the ancient Egyptians in style with this Nile cruise

While you will enjoy all the views from the beautiful Nile district, we know that it is important to get close to the action. That’s why we have amazing vacation spots, where we take an Egyptian Felucca cruise ashore. Then your local guide fills you in on everything you wanted to know about the Unfinished Obelisk and High Dam of Aswan, or the lower Temple of Abu Simbel of Ramses II, from 1264 BC! The reason is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Then there is Kom Ombo, with temples dedicated to the Crocodile and Falcon Gods. In front, Luxor, with its epic road of Sphinxes, is 3km long. (If you want to send everyone back home to peak FOMO, it’s time to whip out your camera). Then there is the Valley of the Kings, which is, of course, the most famous archaeological site in the world. We can’t let you miss that.

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