Scotland’s amazing vegan delicacies – six -two by Contiki

In addition to traditional dishes, Scotland’s modern restaurant culture features a wide range of vegan options from outside the local cuisine. There are specialty vegan food vendors, delis, and restaurants to see in the cities, not just Edinburgh and Glasgow. The 19th and first wave of 20 of the move from Italy brought us Paolo Nutini and deep -fried pizza which is a plethora of Italian vegan options. Most good people keep their own recipes because it’s as hard to clean vegan salt as they do for their marinara diet.

While in the prime of the Highlands and other parts of Scotland, the importance of tourism is that you don’t get too far from a place with lush vegetation options. And if all else fails, Scotland loves soups, which means you’ll end up with a steaming cup of something delicious that will rejuvenate you after a long day of walking in the middle. of beautiful flowers and hills.

Scotland’s vegan food isn’t just relaxing. The spiritual home of whiskey, the country has dozens of distilleries that produce amber flavor. Unlike some other types of booze, which often use animal products in the distilling process, whiskey is completely vegan. The only exceptions are those that taste good with non -vegan ingredients, such as honey or chocolate. Even if you’re not big on getting a drum or two, after a day spent in the beating Scottish winds you’ll enjoy the sweetness of the water flowing down your chest. And most importantly, this is something you should not stay away from.

With all of this, I’m not saying Scotland is a vegan mecca. You can go to a grocery store and find a layer of meat that has spent a lifetime to make for a very low price, and, like most of the West, many people have and not about where they get their food. But with veganism becoming more popular, as evidenced by the growth of events such as the Scottish Vegan Festival, Scots are drawing on the value of their own knowledge. to create more opportunities for plant -based food to gain popularity and even growth – that’s it. important in helping with the future and the climate crisis. And, in the end, he needs all the support he can get.

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