Science said he was ‘the nicest man in the world’

March 29, 2022 – Forgive those who spend their weekends watching birds or doing math for fun. They are among those who are perceived to be comfortable, based on stereotypes about how they work for work and how they spend their free time, new research shows.

The researchers surveyed more than 500 people across five related experiments to determine what people considered the best performance, styles, and fun. They also show us how much we lose by spending less time with our tax advice, accountant, or financial advisor out of work.

Those who work in banking, finance, accounting, data mining, and cleaning are on the list most interested in the study, published earlier this month at Personal Psychology and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Sleeping, worshiping, watching movies, watching animals, and spending free time on math are all fun and stressful activities. The “animal watchers” group is all about bird watchers or the study of intoxicants.

On the other hand, the five most interesting occupations, in general, are in employment, science, journalism, health care, and education.

The researchers also looked at how people avoid spending time with stereotypical dullards.

“People who are supposed to be comforted should be avoided, if at all? Our current research suggests that this may be the case,” said Wijnand AP Van Tilburg, PhD, one of the researchers who worked on the research.

In addition to specifics and stereotypes, Van Tilburg and co -workers are known to be complacent with a lack of skill and warmth.

“To our surprise, they were seen as unfriendly and unkind,” said Van Tilburg, a humanities research researcher at the University of Essex in the UK.

What examples do people often give to abusers? Aside from being “pleasant,” “dry,” “dark,” and “uninteresting,” the usual stereotypes about thinking are that there is no laughter, no thought, or any complaining.

More people have been researched to settle workers in cities and small towns than in large metropolitan areas.

A Bad Cycle?

What are the dangers of relying on pleasant stereotypes? If people are thought to be only happy about business and pleasure, “then it shows that they will have negative consequences in terms of being fun – even if they don’t really talk. some with them, ”Van Tilburg said.

“Having a stereotypically pleasant or enjoyable career comes with the inability to prove the guilt of the ignorant,” he said.

So the distinction between stereotypes and reality is important, says Van Tilburg. “People who have fun or careers are very happy, of course, they don’t have to be bored.”

Mark Leary, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University in Durham, NC. “Research is really about stereotypes about how people hold certain jobs, have some fun, and live in certain places – it’s not about people who enjoy certain things. this, “he said.

Leary says few people meet with bankers, tax officers, and others who are considered very comfortable outside of work.

“When we interact with data centers, investors, insurers, and banks, for example, those relationships aren’t pleasant because people are comfortable, but because the context. “

To get past the preconceived notions, “the best advice is to try to get people to separate people from their responsibilities when making ideas for them.”

“We need to be aware of how much of our relationship with other people is about responsibilities and issues and, therefore, don’t reveal too much about other people,” Leary said. “Maybe my accountant is the life of the party in other ways.”

Money to protect the economy?

Researchers have also found that as people become more vulnerable, more people say they will avoid it.

To find a way to measure this protection, they asked the participants in the study how much money would be paid for the fence around it to be seen for 1 to 7 days. . Employers said they should feel like their fatigue is low, medium, or high.

For example, they will charge an average of $ 50 to spend a day with a very friendly person. That amount would be doubled to $ 100 for nearly 4 days spent in their company, to $ 230 per week.

Leary said fatigue can come when people try to listen to a certain information or event. That’s kind of tired rather than wanting to be easy or trying to listen to something that isn’t “really boring.” The more the brain has the power to listen, the more tired you know.
“Probably the best way to see if other people are really interested in talking about interests and see their response,” Leary said. “But be careful: The topics you intend to create interesting conversations are the ones that make other people happy.”

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