Saudi man charged after Maserati was driven under Spanish steps in Rome

Rome (CNN) – In Rome, don’t drive your fancy sports car down the famous stairs.

That advice went unnoticed by a man who drove his rented Maserati under the city’s Spanish steps and is currently facing lawsuits for claiming damage to the country, say as did police in the Italian capital.

The unnamed 37 -year -old Saudi man was arrested behind the wheel at Milan’s Malpensa airport after police spotted him through a car rental company from photos of the car in Milan. captured by security cameras.

He was charged with gross damage to cultural heritage and monuments.

Video footage of the incident released by police shows the Maserati being driven into the pedestrian area on the steps at night between Tuesday and Wednesday. The car went down the first flight of steps before coming to a stop. Someone was seen getting out of the car and looking at his problem.

The car broke down steps 16 and 29 of the right -hand driveway up Spanish Square, Rome’s heritage body said in a statement.

Some pieces of marble were added “to allow for more openness for walking,” he said.

Debris, debris and abrasions’

According to hereditary experts, the car broke in two steps.

According to hereditary experts, the car broke in two steps.

Roman Emperor for Cultural Heritage

Further work should “restore the damaged steps by replacing the broken pieces, including travertine blocks of different color and materials” with the damaged steps.

Cultural heritage technicians are evaluating the economic impact of the catastrophic disaster, assuming they have found “debris, debris, abrasions, and debris on the two ramps of the second level, related to the same event, “he said.

The Spanish Steps are one of Rome’s most famous monuments. Their names are indebted to the Spanish Embassy in the Holy See which is hosted in the palazzo in the square below.

In 2015, the two -year staircase was restored at a cost of € 1.5 million ($ 1.6 million), supported by Bulgari Department Store, which owns its flagship store on nearby Via dei Condotti.

The Spanish Steps is the basis for appearances in many films, including “Roman Holiday,” the 1953 film starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

Top photo: Police Rome Capitale

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