Samsung’s M8 monitor comes with a webcam, speakers, and smart TV features for $ 700

Samsung’s newest smartphone, the 32-inch 4K M8, is now available in four colors: white, blue, green, and purple. The white color option costs $ 699.99, and the other colors are $ 30 extra. Samsung announced the M8 during CES 2022, though it doesn’t share the same price or future price range. The company did not disclose a release date. And for now, you can just keep – not buy – an M8 watch. After you save by entering your email, you can pre -order one, and Samsung promises your purchase to get a $ 100 Samsung credit to use in the future. .

Its color design and precision can make the M8 compatible with a range of M1 iMacs. Compared to an Apple -related product, the $ 1,600 Studio Display, the M8’s looks are a lot simpler than that.

The viewer can easily run video streaming programs such as Apple TV Plus, Netflix, Disney Plus, and has built -in features and support for HDR 10+. It can use the Google Duo to make video chats with its stick-on webcam (Samsung says it has advanced features and auto-zoom functions). You can run Microsoft 365 software with the M8 when you connect a keyboard and mouse. It can be managed via Bixby, Alexa, or Google Assistant. Heck, it supports AirPlay 2.

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor

If you have a keyboard and a mouse, that’s all you need to run Microsoft 365 software.

A computer-with-TV is more expensive than a Studio Display, for a fraction of the price. And its position (although VESA isn’t ideal, which we like) can adjust height and support tilting. The display can be moved up or down to meet the skin of your desk, like the Samsung Space Monitor.

For all those benefits, this may not be what some Mac users are looking for. The M8 supports 4K resolution compared to the 5K panel of the Studio Display. According to the Space Monitor, the M8’s connectivity leaves a lot to be desired. It has one micro HDMI port and two USB-C ports (supporting 65W passthrough charging), only one of which can store video or data transfer.

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor

I like the feisty option of showing the Apple TV Plus in this picture.

And since we didn’t know before the build or image of the M8 or tested its webcam, we didn’t know how to compare. But if you’re looking for a sleek design and features that really appeal to Apple’s style, this could be a good choice for Mac or Windows users who have raised an eyebrow at the question -and -answer issue. in Studio Display.

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