Ryanair blamed for introducing African tests for South African travelers

(CNN) – Ryanair has come under fire for asking South African cruisers to take an Afrikaans test to prove their nationality before boarding the planes.

The low -cost plane is accused of racism after showing passengers a test in the West German language, which was imposed on black South Americans under apartheid. and used by only 12% of the population.

The news of the test came last month after it was reported that a car was traveling from Portugal to London. Twitter he was asked to complete the “two -sided test in Afrikaans” before being allowed to fly.

The move has sparked outrage among South Africans, with many taking to social media to condemn the plane, citing 11 South African official languages, and Not many nations speak African.

‘Stupid and discriminating’

Ryanair released a statement saying the test, which was made to ask questions about South Africa’s public knowledge, was issued in response to the “high level” of fraudulent documents. of South Africa.

“In order to reduce the risk of using a fraudulent passport, Ryanair requires passengers on a South African passport to complete a simple questionnaire in Afrikaans,” the spokesperson said. Reported to CNN.

“If they are unable to complete this questionnaire, they will be denied the trip and given full payment.

“Planes flying to the UK face a Home Office fee of £ 2,000 (around $ 2,515) for each person who illegally travels to the UK on a fake passport / visa.”

Afrikaans is the third language spoken in South Africa after Zulu and Xhosa.

Ryanair does not operate flights directly to or from South Africa.

Top photo credit: Adrian DennisAFP via Getty Images

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