Ryan Coogler was reportedly detained by police

In a video obtained by TMZ, it is clear Black panther Superintendent Ryan Coogler was shocked when police approached him, as he was trying to withdraw $ 12,000 from his account in January.

After officers approached Coogler, he was handcuffed and taken to a convoy. He sat in the back and asked an officer to take off his glasses because he thought he would get a terrible attack.

Coogler also told officials to look at his logo to see him and also look at Google. The leader also explained that the letter was given to the informant because he did not want the amount of money counted in front of everyone else.

Coogler was later released after the details were released.

Most recently, the filmmaker said Bank of America had adjusted the situation to its satisfaction and everything involved had moved on. “This situation is not right. However, Bank of America has worked with me and talked to him about my happiness and we have moved on,” in a statement to TMZ.

As you can seedocuments received by TMZ, he said it was done after Ryan tried to take a large sum of money from his treasury. With shadows and a mask, Ryan entered the bank and wrote a note on the back of a drawstring. The message said, “I want to withdraw $ 12,000 from my account. Please count the money somewhere else. I want to be careful.

Unfortunately, it led the reporter to think the theft had been attempted after he went to do shopping on his computer, which raised an alarm. The speaker, who was identified as a black woman, then alerted her master and they called the officers.

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