Russia begins hostilities to welcome the Euro as the war on Ukraine continues

Russia is starting applications to host the 2028 or 2032 European Championship as its team is being suspended from the World Cup due to the attack on Ukraine, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

The British Isles felt unconcerned when it said it would host a 2028 rendition of the global event to Russia, including Turkey, which included declarations of intent, the AP said. Likewise, Italy believes it will not be difficult to host 2032 until Russia’s intentions are realized.

A meeting of the Russian Football Union (RFU) executive committee made the final decision to choose the host, although it is not clear if the country wants to host one year on top of another.

The AP notes that Russia has not been released by UEFA as its companies have been banned and that RFU President Alexander Dyukov remains on the UEFA executive committee as CEO of Gazprom, a national oil company. ” released. as a Champions League support for the war. “

The venue Russia used to host the final match of the 2018 World Cup was the site used last week to host the pro-war party for Vladimir Putin. Russian players among many sports facing backlash for going to the club.

UEFA is expected to confirm candidates for the two Euro events on April 5, although the deadline for submitting final applications is not until April next year. Russia, with Poland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic are expected to oppose the idea in independent announcements that they will refuse to play Russia in the World Cup qualifiers regardless of where. of competition.

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