Rumble, the video site that goes right, has more ideas

Mr. Wright said. Representatives Pavlovski and Rumble did not respond to interviews.

But he explained the words melted down to Rumble developers and others that his interests were more than just adding traffic to his website and app. With investments from various Big Tech critics such as Mr. Thiel, Mr. Pavlovski described a vision for building the facility “New website” – an alt style that is very different from the main players of the industry.

Rumble has already built its footprint and video streaming capability, giving it and its partners more independence from the Amazon and Microsofts network – and the assurance that it can’t be replaced. if any of those suppliers decide to withdraw. focusing on the pleasures. Parler’s online business is growing in the minds of Rumble fans, which was shut down when Amazon said it would no longer host the site on its mobile services. last Jan. 6 attacks last year.

The promise of independence from technology led Mr. Trump will provide Rumble with technology and educational services for Truth Social, which it has struggled to become entirely its own. In a statement announcing the meeting in December, Mr. Trump said he chose Rumble because it was among the ministers “non -political.”

Rumble has also made independent arrangements with prominent medical activists who follow ahead of conservatives and Trump supporters, according to historian Glenn Greenwald, who spoke out about his faith. technology behemoths and mainstream media have a lot of power to destroy speech. Rumble revealed that he met with Mr. Greenwald as an example of his knowledge-independent approach. (Intentionally out of bounds, Rumble said he would not allow anyone to seduce, spread violence or break the law.)

But there are some famous Rumble creators not mentioned by the company in news releases, such as Alex Jones of Infowars, who was banned from YouTube and other major sites in 2018 and is now more more than 100,000 Rumble followers.

That’s a small number compared to the millions on YouTube who follow Mr. Jones, who spread rumors that Sandy Hook’s murder took place in 2012 as part of a government seizure of guns. Those studying the right -wing media ecosystem have a hard time telling the general public for hard information, mainly because the traffic data available for each site has a lot of overlap. from more than one user. .

“It’s a huge population,” said Yochai Benkler, a professor at Harvard Law School who is the co -author of a book on how conservative outlets strengthen their outlets through innovation. Closing and closing permission. For a single site like Rumble, he added, the crowd is more than the size of the paper.

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