Roundup: PocDoc holds CE certification for flow testing, Poolbeg Pharma and CytoReason partners, and more.

PocDoc holds the CE certification for the digital reader of the lateral flow test

Started in Cambridge PocDoc has secured a CE certification for its digital reader guided by artificial intelligence (AI).

The foot system allows a phone or tablet to be a full -featured digital reader, so health care organizations can roll out a lateral flow test for patients or symptoms.

Steve Roest, CEO and cofounder, PocDoc said: “We truly believe the answer to many of the world’s diseases is to make diagnostics simpler and easier by combining flow tests. lateral with the PocDoc platform and the app.This will allow healthcare organizations to increase diagnostic testing at a fraction of the cost of testing in locations thousands of miles from the nearest laboratory.

Poolbeg Pharma and CytoReason partners to identify new drug goals for Influenza

Israel AI started CytoReason signed an agreement with London and Dublin Poolbeg Pharma to analyze the progress data of influenza disease.

The compilation will use the data from Poolbeg’s database of human influenza trial data (a trial for influenza that is expected to show people with a particular illness or disease).

The AI ​​features compiled by CytoReason allow for in -depth understanding of influenza disease and its recovery, thus helping to identify new drug goals.

Jeremy Skillington, PhD, CEO, Poolbeg Pharma said: “This is the first time an AI review has been done on human influenza trial data and we expect results next year.”

Caterpillar received £ 450,000 no digital health center based on cost

Health technology industry in the UK Enuhe received £ 450,000 from investors with Jenson’s financial partners fund its digital payroll for health promotion, education and lifestyle change.

The funding will be used to add new features to the app, increase the range of stable programs offered, and for other areas of business development.

Caterpillar is based on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and is integrated with three clothing and healthcare applications, including Google Fit and Apple Health.

Caterpillar CEO and founder, Paul Baverstock, said: “Our idea is simple. We use natural science and nudges about compensation to help people make healthy lifestyle changes. stable and help prevent the onset of the cost of preventable health care.

SleepX contacts the Helsinki Committee for approval of its medical trial of the app

The Israeli research and development company SleepX has asked the Helsinki Commission for permission to start a clinical trial for its sleep apnea site.

The company, a subsidiary of AppYea, plans to test the SleepX Pro app in a hospital bedroom as a first step in applying for an FDA approval under the pharmaceutical sector.

SleepX Pro is designed to detect sleep apnea without physical intervention through an AI evaluation of breathing during sleep over the phone.

Boris (Bary) Molchadsky, president and CEO, SleepX, and CEO, AppYea, said: “SleepX PRO makes an independent, fast and friendly patient tool that prevents issues from getting worse. nights in bedrooms while managing the health and insurance system costing hundreds of millions of dollars. ”

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