Roundup: Global Health has joined Asta Swisstec’s program in NT and more

Global Health joins Asta Swisstec program to increase access to health care in remote areas

Global Health Health has taken a 20% equity stake in Northern Territory-based Asta Swisstec Health to join a project that provides health systems and services remotely or managed between Australia and South Asia.

Since 2018, Asta Swisstec Health, a partnership between Swisstec Analytics and Asta Solutions, has brought the latest IT solutions for the integration of technology and services to hospitals and clinics across Asia. . It integrates technologies and services and provides consulting and technical services, as well as the development of appropriate software for recognized projects and services.

Last year in June, the company, along with Royal Philips, signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of the Northern Territory to create Deployable Healthcare Modules (DHM) to raise access to health services for remote and rural communities in northern Australia and South Asia.

Combining a wide range of Global Health programs, the DHM program has created a full -fledged digital health care ecosystem supported by health professionals and integrated for remote and underserved communities, he said. and Global Health Director Matthew Cherian.

Their partnership with Global Health, according to Dr Naveed Alam, managing director of Swisstec Analytics, will “greatly enhance the ecosystem we have built and connect with our design expertise to deliver services. High -tech, high -tech for health care providers in. Remote and underserved areas in Australia and around the country ”.

Health IT provider Valentia Technologies, HealthSoft promotes health, wellness and Family Togetherness services

Whānau Tahi, a New Zealand -based social organization that provides case management solutions for the Māori community and health sector, has teamed up with health IT providers Valentia Technologies and HealthSoft for a long -term development team.

As a result of an announcement, partners will see and publish keynote speeches related to “enhancement and customization” of Whānau Tahi’s core technology systems.

Through this partnership, the company will use technologies from Valentia and HealthSoft to strengthen its support services, making their organizations “more informed, valued, and supported” in their operations. , said John Tamihere, CEO of Waipareira Trust, which owns Whānau Tahi.

Their corporate goal is to focus on consumer knowledge and technology to “give families the confidence and power to improve their health and well -being”.

Valentia provides health technology solutions that support the delivery of advanced health care, while HealthSoft develops the RxOne unique medicine platform. Whānau Tahi previously worked with HealthSoft to integrate medication data provided from RxOne into its NZePS reference database.

InteliCare adds over 60 health programs to its Health Metrics report

InteliCare has integrated the age -appropriate healthcare technology provider of over 60 health professionals into its Health Metrics reporting platform, which allows access to critical health data.

This includes the integration of TGA and FDA -approved iHealth apps, as well as leading brands, such as Fitbit, Omron, and Garmin.

These provide information on blood flow, weight, respiration, body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygenation, blood glucose and activity levels. These products also alert caregivers to the health risks facing their patients.

The company was able to integrate through its partnership with the U.S. Persona Informatics health database, where InteliCare can access and integrate health data from a variety of healthcare providers and organizations. medical device.

According to InteliCare CEO and Managing Director Jason Waller, the integration of these health services “is critical to health services and care providers who are striving to score and improve their services in the future. Australia is turning into a post-pandemic. “

“We have entered an era where critical health data can be effectively published and collected outside of the health care system…,” Persona co-founder Nick Egarhos said.

Moving forward, all Persona -supported users will soon have access to InteliCare’s sensor agnostic platform.

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