RoboCT robot Rehab has raised $ 15M in Series A + funding

Hangzhou RoboCT Technology Development Co., the maker of modern robots in China, has acquired $ 15.7 million in a Series A + investment company led by Fortune Capital.

The fundraiser was also joined by Essence Securities, Poly Capital, and its current investor, Blue Run Ventures China.


RoboCT develops intelligent management tools and management tools for the disabled, the elderly, and health care professionals. He said it was the first company in China to receive a permit from the National Medical Products Administration for its low -impact exoskeleton robots for central neuropathy.

Its UGO exoskeleton robot has been used in over 200 Chinese hospitals to help patients learn to walk again, including those with back pain, sprains, and weakness of the lower limb muscles. , and other diseases. Its creators use critical thinking and multi -information integration technologies to analyze, evaluate, and respond to user feedback.

The company also develops exoskeleton technology for a variety of applications, such as entertainment and sports.

With its robot-as-a-service model, combined with the use of a virtual platform for remediation, RoboCT helps significantly reduce the workload of clinicians by increasing on the need for professional training.


According to a press release, the company’s new funds will be used to strengthen its operations and to promote and expand the world.

CEO Wang Tian said that in the future, they plan to increase their investment in product, talent, technology and supply chains, as well as expand their product matrix and work on building a C-end open consumer operation platform.


The global market for rehabilitation robots is expected to grow to over $ 750 million this year. By 2026, it is expected to grow to $ 1.8 billion, growing at a 21.7% CAGR. China, the world’s second -largest market for rehab robots with 39% of the global market share, is expected to sell about $ 270 million over the next four years, according to increasing by 23% annually.

Any players here, GripAble, a London -based manufacturer of a neurological rehabilitation and musculoskeletal rehabilitation platform, has also raised $ 11 million to a Series A fundraiser. evaluate the strength of the user. It enhances hand and arm training by connecting to a mobile app.

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