‘Right’ whites can create or break working hours for African immigrants

‘Right’ whites can create or break working hours for African immigrants

African immigrants often find themselves locked out of the right job. Found: Pixabay / Antonynjoro

Racial hierarchies and a lack of ‘proper’ social relations are preventing African -born immigrants from finding suitable employment in South Australia, according to new research by the University of South Australia.

Working with the University of Technology Sydney, the researchers found that it was important to know the ‘right’ (white) people when getting a job; without this, African immigrants often find themselves locked out of the labor market.

African immigrants represent a small but growing population in Australia, with 388,179 re -registered in the Census (about 1.7 per cent of the total population). In South Australia, there are 20,238 African immigrants, 33 percent of whom were born in South Africa and the rest from 45 different countries.

UniSA lead researcher Dr. Melanie Baak said the study provides important information about the racial struggles that African -born immigrants face in gaining employment.

“The main reason people born in Africa struggle in a serious situation is because they lack the‘ right kind ’of relationships that can get a foot in the door,” said Drs. Baak’s place.

“Most of the people in this study have been in Australia for more than 10 years, speak English and have Australian degrees.

“Having a serious business is very much dependent on having a‘ vertical bridging tie ’ – that is, someone who has the knowledge, reputation and connections to the job and can help. them to go before the gatekeepers.

“Typically, these people represent a proximity to white and as a means of advocacy or affirmation to show the job seeker what kind of social culture skills are appropriate for the profession.

“Without such relationships, the migrant job seeker is often trapped and forced to take on the mediocre jobs available.

Working with members of the South African Council of South Australia, the Australian Migrant Resource Center, and the African Students Council of South Australia, the collaborative studies collected data from five specific groups and with an online survey.

Here are five key steps to finding the right job: a knowledge of Australian culture; the strength of personal social networks; race; the perception of African workers in Australia; a Country of birth.

Dr. Baak said racism and racism were a problem in the modern society.

“There’s no place for racism in Australia, but every now and then we see non -Anglo people standing up to the ideology in this country,” said Drs. Baak’s place.

“If countries that have immigrants like Australia really want to address the migrant employment gap, more needs to be done not just to help new immigrants improve. build network businesses, but also include anti-racism work as an integration strategy for the integration of the labor market.

“Everyone needs to be treated fairly and respected, and in Australia where we pride ourselves on being a multicultural society, we all need to step up and practice what we have to say.”

Research: Challenges facing African youth as they change lives in Australia

More information:
Louise Olliff et al, “Let’s start building from that”: Environmental capital, online business and exploring the role of African immigrants in Australia, Australian newspaper on social issues (2022). DOI: 10.1002 / ajs4.205

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