Researchers change the quality of pork through cooking and grinding

Pigs show good intentions in short -term grunts

Pigs show good intentions in short -term grunts.

European researchers have developed a method of explaining the emotions of pigs through their tusks, tusks and thighs in a program designed to improve the well -being of animals.

Biologists have studied over 7,000 voices from 411 pigs, from brief moments of joy during feeding to cries of slaughter, before separating them. in 19 different forms.

“We’re showing that it’s possible to match the pigs’ emotions according to their voice, ”said program leader Elodie Briefer, a lecturer at the University of Copenhagen.

The project, divided between Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, France and the Czech Republic and published in the journal Scientific Evidenceprovides a new way to improve animal welfare by laying the groundwork for a device that can differentiate an idea based on the noise made, according to the researcher.

“We’re running a machine learning algorithm … creating a spectrogram, and then learning to detect negative and positive environments.”

When developed, the innovation could allow farmers, who today can only focus on the physical well -being of animals, to monitor their mental health.

The researcher said that if unhealthy squeals rise, the farmer will be alert to something wrong and can be spotted.

The Scandinavian country is home to 13.2 million pigs – making it the leader in Europe with more than two per population – and for the Danish Food and Agriculture Council the results of the research are promising.

“This idea … can be a useful tool among other things in the work to monitor the health and well -being of pigs,” said Trine Vig, spokesperson for the conference. .

‘They’re loud’

According to Briefer they reached “92 percent correct in calculating the valence … (a) if the phone is bad or good, and 82 percent correct in calculating the actual frequency that was made. and voices “.

Experiments show that good thoughts are expressed in short complaints, and bad thoughts are often expressed in long voices.

But why look at a pig rather than a cow or a rabbit?

For the authors of the study, the pig, known for its broad range of motion and vocal cords, is the most suitable.

“They’re loud, which makes it easy to learn,” the researcher said.

“They make vocals all the time, even in a low -key setting, they always play.”

Convert pig ideas with a machine learning algorithm

More information:
Elodie F. Briefer et al, Separation of artificial piglets from birth to slaughter according to their sense of valence and context of production, Scientific Evidence (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41598-022-07174-8

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