Researchers are investigating the hidden powers of calcium

Researchers are investigating the hidden powers of calcium

Sari Nurulita with high and low fruit card, as well as similar diseases. Available: University of Queensland

Clay was always used to ward off evil spirits, but its famous power did not prevent it from contracting diseases.

University of Queensland virologist Associate Professor John Thomas said the card was different, because it was difficult to get a free card anywhere in the world.

“There can be 10 or 12 diseases in diseased plants and most garlic plants have at least six diseases,” Drs. where Thomas. “All Australian commercial garlic is a disease, it’s not about the taste and the food, but it’s about the quality of the fruit.”

Understanding that group of patients and their consequences was Dr. Dr. Thomas, UQ colleagues. Stephen Harper and Associate Professor Andrew Geering, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Drs. Kathy Crew and Ph.D. candidate Sari Nurulita is researching.

Nurulita’s medical research aims to develop viral diagnostic tests and investigate why good and low -fat garlic plants are so similar.

“Garlic is a propagated plant, and when the disease got sick, all the families got sick,” said Dr. where Thomas. “The fruit can also collect disease in the field, but not a single plant will be lost.”

He said in the first meeting led by Dr. Harper and supported by the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research, the researchers grew high -yielding seedlings among garlic crops infected with the virus.

“Through generational production options, Dr. Harper has received three times the yield from the best options,” said Drs. where Thomas. “However, Ms. Nurulita’s work shows that these elite political elections are perpetuated by addiction and we are not sure why.”

Nurulita also researched the recording of diseases using next -generation genomes, and recorded the complete genomes of patients.

“I didn’t see any significant differences in the disease levels and I couldn’t decide the difference between the two lines of elite and the poor quality of the garlic,” Nurulita said.

Dr. Thomas said the company has also tried to spread a specific culture of producing free -flowing garlic, but it is not effective.

“We think there’s probably a natural way to the plant,” he said. “It may depend on the patient who got the upper hand in a clove, or the order they got. There are a lot of differences and it’s not that simple. If we can decide if it’s a responsibility Gene silencing. ”

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