Reinier de Ridder talked about beating Andre Galvao

Reinier de Ridder was a newcomer to his win over ONE world welterweight champion Kiamrian Abbasov in ONE: Full Circle. He is looking forward to his next competition, which he said could be the “biggest accomplishment” of his career.

After defending the world head midfielder Abbasov, de Ridder began calling on Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion Andre Galvao. He competed against Galvao in a tournament at ONE: X, the 10th anniversary of the ONE Championship on March 26.

Although de Ridder said he meant ONE, he fully embraced the challenge and looked forward to running along with the grappling story. Although the game has not been approved by the advertiserheld to the intent of the second chief.

In a further interview with SCMP MMA, De Ridder talked about what it meant and what it meant to him. He said:

“I got the word a week before [Abbvasov] hakaka. They called me and said, ‘We have something good for you.’ I’m happy, man. I’m very happy with this. ”

When asked where the victory over Galvao would be in terms of accomplishments in his career, de Ridder, the jiu-jitsu man himself, said he was at the top. He added:

“For me, at the highest level, at the top. Because I got into the sport, the jiu-jitsu side, and when I started, he was the guy who would hit everything. And of course “That’s right, 10 years later, that’s right. So, that’s the most important thing in my life.”

Check out Reinier de Ridder’s interview with SCMP MMA below.

Reinier de Ridder wants to cut Andre Galvao, fighting Gordon Ryan later

Heaven seems to be the limit for Reinier de Ridder. With all that he has accomplished in Circle so far, he says he is just beginning to gather the skin of what he can.

For de Ridder, it was just the beginning of the victory over Galvao. He opened in front of Gordon Ryan and other grappling stars in the future. ‘The Dutch Knight’ said:

“Yeah, man, who would have thought that when I started this jiu-jitsu I could fight some of the best things in the world, it’s one of the best things to do. Man, it is a great honor. And thinking of that, I thought I would shoot to cut this man. That is good, man. That is very good. “

He added:

“I’ve tried my skills against the elite, and I’ve come up every time. So why not fight this guy? It’s a big jump. It’s a big competition. “But I think I stood up for it.”

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