Regular travel company fees (and how to reduce them)

Have you heard of travel companies (TMCs)? Traditional travel companies are specialized travel agencies that focus on booking business trips. However, today these businesses are not the only way to write a business trip. Many companies are looking for a travel insurance program.

Regardless of the type of tour guide you choose, when planning your business trip you want to have a good gift and a good service. Read on to learn more about travel insurance fees, how to reduce them, and your options.

Different types of travel agency fees

Travel agents have many options when deciding which type of travel solution to use. They can choose to use the space Traditional TMC, self -booking on customer networks, local travel agents, or network registration providers (OBTs). Each of these options offers different benefits, as well as different housing costs.

To better understand the costs of travel services, you need to know to understand the operation of standard pay houses. Here is a quick overview:

Implementation fee

Implementation costs are often associated with software programs. However, not all travel software companies pay them.

Most importantly, professions pay an implementation fee at the level of the course, you are starting with a new software package. The fee depends on the cost of implementing the program and training your staff to use it.

Labor costs

Sales costs are often calculated as a percentage of each transaction. In this case, any travel -related activities that TMC does for you (such as booking, transfer, or cancellation) will come with a fee.

Service fee / maintenance

Operating fees are designed to cover the cost of TMC’s services. This includes account management, customer support (more support outside of office hours), and refunds.

A driver’s license is usually paid in the form of monthly payments, usually if there is a fixed agreement or contract. Some TMCs only offer long -term contracts, usually with a minimum of one year.

Concierge services

Some TMCs are being developed for concierge services. While standard travel booking services include trains, flights, or hotels, concierge services also include booking conference tickets, meeting rooms, air transfers, or Airbnbs. .

Make a phone call

Some TMCs offer the option to register over the phone, or using a private bookkeeping site. In this case, they can add a new charge for phone books. Other companies charge fees for specific types of books (such as booking on a low -cost carrier).

One fee per trip

Lastly, there is a single fee for each cost trip. This is what we offer with our travel navigation software at TravelPerk.

It’s good and easy to use the cost for each trip. Our Premium and Pro users pay one minimum fee for each trip, which they have to pay when they go. This fee covers everything from booking, to travel policy management, to customer support and concierge services.

What are the different ways to write a business trip, and what are the costs involved?

Traditional TMCs

Traditional TMCs are professional travel agencies that offer a variety of services, from ongoing booking support to maintaining a corporate travel policy. They can assist with travel -related tasks such as booking, airport access, financial reporting, and travel crisis management.

However, they are not always the best way to document the journey. Some common challenges with traditional TMCs include outdated software platforms, poor customer support, long contracts with fixed terms, and lack of independence in recording.

Traditional TMCs use a variety of modeling techniques. According to the Business Travel Association (BTA), Most TMCs are paying marketing fees. However, many are changing now driving fees or examples, because these factors provide predictive potential for TMCs. Consumers, on the other hand, want a payment plan that “ensures that costs are properly allocated to financial units, and largely avoids the need for central costs.”

Research from The Beat shows that TMC costs $ 25.20 over the phone, $ 18.01 online with professional help, and $ 7.84 online without the help of a messenger.

Local travel agents

Some businesses use local travel services rather than travel services. This approach offers a personal touch, but has many drawbacks.

Most travel agencies cater to the general public, and are not prepared for the specific needs of the businesses. Like some traditional TMCs, they work on a 9-5 schedule. Travelers can be left to wait for long periods of time if they need help outside of those hours.

Local travel agencies do not help businesses manage their budget and monitor costs in an organized way. They can’t help create and enforce business travel policies.

In addition, travel agents guide customers through a number of registration options depending on the office’s need to fill a quota, rather than the customer’s preference. They often are have stockpiles compared to those found elsewhere.

Travel agents receive the majority of their income from hotels, transport companies, and tour operators using the commission model. According to Travel and Leisure, many agents will pay additional fees on the customer’s side from $ 100 to $ 500 and up. These fees may cover security deposit, reservation, or a la carte travel services.

Register yourself on customer sites

Financial aid companies may want to focus more on travel services, rather than opting for their own book travel using consumer websites.

While there is no cost to this option, there are really great costs. For one thing, travel management systems can help businesses find the best seasonal deals and business discounts on a regular basis. By not using them, businesses may be putting money on the table.

Another reason to remember is to take the time and effort to plan a business trip. While a housekeeper can keep a small number of books, they will spend a lot of time on these tasks. This would separate them from their other responsibilities and become the company’s money.

The self -book process can be used in the short term if the business is not suitable for a business trip, but it will not improve if the company trip needs to grow. If companies create large numbers of books on customer accounts, they find it difficult to keep track of travel expenses and invoices across platforms, and it is difficult to ensure that their data is maintained. travel guidelines.

System Registration Tool (OBT)

Lastly, travel management software programs, known as online registration providers (OBTs), offer a new solution for business travel. These software packages give you the same services you would expect from a traditional TMC, but at a more competitive price and more power than your own books.

Many OBTs are associated with corporate travel policies and third -party tools. In addition, they offer functions such as centralized invoicing, carbon offsetting, and VAT reclaims.

Web hosting companies have different payment options. At TravelPerk, we provide businesses with top -notch information on their travel experience with our fixed payment model. There are three classes: Free ($ 0 per tour), Premium ($ 15 per tour), and Pro ($ 25 per tour). You can pay in other currencies, such as pounds or euros. Each course offers services and innovations to help you get the most out of your professional travel program.

When our customer compares how much they spend on business travel with TravelPerk vs. Their solution now is that they know TravelPerk is better for them.

How to reduce travel expenses

In summary, in order to find the right travel agent and save money, you need to understand the different types of rentals and choose the one that best suits your business needs. When evaluating travel agency fees, be sure to keep track of the amount of time it takes to register, and whether the fees are refundable or on a trip. You will want to consider whether the travel agency will provide you with information on your trip number.

If you’re looking to save money on TMC payments, you can call TravelPerk today to compare your current business trip with our offer.

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