Reema Health has $ 8M to help patients manage SDOH

Reema Health has received $ 8 million in fruit funding for its foundation designed to help critically ill patients access care.

This new infusion of money will bring The Minneapolis start -up costs $ 10 million.


The organization has established a platform to help support patients in accessing care and other resources related to health -related decisions. Patients can let Reema know if they are lonely to talk to someone.

The service also assists patients with wheelchairs by providing vehicles with daily options and activities. On the medical side, patients can use the service to find a doctor and help pay for medications.

Reema was also involved in supporting patients with access to food and shelter.


The company said it plans to use the new funds to expand its operations and build capacity.


More digital health professionals are looking to address the underlying health determinants of patients ’health. Turn-out alphabet Cityblock Health, a primary care startup focusing on Medicaid and low income, raised $ 400 million in September 2021. This brought the company’s total revenue to $ 5.7 billion.

In the fall, care-coordination Unite Us announced the acquisition of the healthcare industry’s computerized social media partners. NowPow for an undisclosed amount. This comes less than a year after Unite Us received $ 150 million in a Series C fund.

Big tech is developing new tools to help illuminate health differences. In 2021, Google will support the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine in creating a new database showing the diverse effects of COVID-19 on marginalized communities.

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