Reduce low blood pressure, cut the risk of diabetes, and more

Can you think of a meal that is better than yogurt? If eaten, thick, Greek thick, or leaves with fruits and nuts, it became a sign of eating. You can’t lose your voice, and you probably know you should eat it, but why is it so good for you?

Yogurt is filled with nutrients, with ingredients that build strong bones and help blood flow. Those little cups contain some good bacteria that may be good for your food. And research is starting to show that it’s just the beginning of what can be done for your health.

How can it help you stay healthy?

1. Cut your risk of type 2 diabetes. A study in 2014 showed that you are less likely to get this disease if you regularly eat yogurt.

“Yogurt stands out as having certain unique health benefits that cannot be shared by other dairy products,” said researcher Frank Hu, MD, PhD, a nutritionist and with disease at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Why yogurt is better at preventing disease than milk is not clear, but it does contain probiotics – bacteria that are good for your health. According to Hu, they can reduce inflammation and improve your body’s production of insulin, a hormone that controls the amount of sugar in your blood.

Another bonus: The study also shows that people who eat a lot of yogurt lose less weight than usual.

2. Get strong bones. Like any other dairy product, yogurt is good for your bones. It gets calcium from the milk used to make yogurt, and the manufacturer often adds vitamin D.

Both foods are important for building healthy bones. Eating yogurt, which lasts longer, can reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis, a debilitating bone disease, says Caroline Passerrello, a dietitian.

3. Improve your diet. Probiotics – the “good” bacteria in yogurt – can be a friend for your stomach. “We’re learning more about this. These probiotics seem to be really good health for the stomach,” said Joan Salge Blake, a registered dietitian and dietitian at the University of Boston.

Probiotics can help regulate your mobility, fight infections, or restore the rest of your digestive system after a cycle of antibiotics, so you’re less likely to get allergies. side effects such as heart disease.

4. Lower blood pressure. A 2016 study showed that if you are a woman who eats yogurt, it can help control blood flow. Potassium, which is in yogurt, helps maintain it by flushing salt out of your body.

5. Upgrade your immune system. It’s your body’s defense against disease, and in addition, probiotics can give you a helping hand.

“Yogurt is good during the day,” Passerrello said. “As Americans, we can’t afford to eat milk. It boosts your immune system and makes you less sick.

How to choose Yogurt

Fresh and delicious yogurts can be found all the time in the supermarket aisles. Find things that can help you make a healthier choice.

Sugarcane. Yogurt, like all dairy products, contains a natural sugar called lactose. Six ounces of pure yogurt weighs about 12 grams.

Be careful, however. Many yogurts are very high in fat, so check the sugar and nutrients to see how many flavors are listed.

To cut the sugarcane, choose the traditional way, and top it with fruit or honey when you get home. Another way to go: Combine a sweet yogurt with a simple cream, says Salge Blake.

Kaluma. To get the best benefit for your bones, check food labels for yogurt that will give you about 20% of your daily calcium intake in one serving, says Passerrello .

Take a closer look at Greek yogurt. Thickness is added, so there is more protein but less calcium. Many brands supplement their Greek yogurt with extra calcium, so choose a quantity that you enjoy.

Vitamin D. Milk and yogurt are often mixed with vitamin D, which means that the manufacturer adds to the product. Make sure you earn less than 10% of your income each day serving yogurt, says Passerrello.

Probiotics. Yogurt, whether made from cow’s milk or something else such as coconut, soy, or almond milk, should say on the label there are healthy and strong cultures. If your dietitian or doctor doesn’t tell you that you have a problem treating a specific problem, don’t worry about the method listed.

“It’s kind of like eating a rainbow,” Passerrello said. “You don’t just want to eat one color or plant. Those bacteria are good. There’s nothing wrong with changing and you get the benefits from all of them.”

Fat. Low -fat yogurt is the best choice for most people, because whole milk is higher in fat and doesn’t feel good, says Salge Blake.

Whatever yogurt you choose, you want to eat it more often, says Hu. And remember that you will get the best results if you have lots of fruits and vegetables and some acids and meats.

“I don’t think yogurt is the magic bullet to melt your weight or melt your diabetes,” he says. But you will reap the benefits if you make it a part of a healthy diet.

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