Recent research shows the need to change society for the better


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Many people try to change their lifestyle for the better. The real challenge is how to get the best results to maximize big changes. Recent research suggests that social change is related to the relationship between ethical values ​​and policies.

The research, led by the University of Maine, University of Maine at Augusta, University of Vermont and Laval University in Quebec, Canada, attempted to understand how the community can make significant, transformative changes. in society, that is, the kind of social change that is necessary to address the growing problem of climate change.

Researchers have learned how to benefit organizations, but it will not spread without policy support, such as cost -cutting to reduce the effects of climate change. They created a mathematical model using a new combination of epidemiological and evolutionary techniques, modeling a community where delegates live in groups and using the right kind of peers – type work, given the right conditions, can spread virally, but not if it costs business. very high.

The model considers factors such as the prevalence of users and those who do not belong to an organization; the dispersion of species, within the community and throughout the world; the strength of agencies that support the creation and training of dissemination; and the cost of such services.

“Our model is different because it combines changing and changing policies into a single system, and encourages us to think about changing the way we live. a more cost -effective way. -to encourage the system to integrate the two.This allows us to ask new questions, such as ‘how will a new kind of approach and policy spread? -author of the study.

The results show that changes in style and policy changes are needed to implement major social change – and they need to work together. While it is not possible to accomplish the task on its own, policy change is even more important.

Researchers have found that sometimes a positive effect can be overwhelming. In some cases, the spread of activity outside of groups with a support policy may reduce its perceived responsibility and delay the policy’s publication, thereby limiting change. to the public.

The simulation of projects involving sub-standard viral spread and changing top-down policies may be the best outcome for major ongoing problems such as climate change. because they will serve as a model and can be disseminated among organizations to drive significant change. .

“For example, we’d say a state wants to announce the introduction of a new burglary law that would benefit cities,” Waring said. “In order for the system to work, the waste that is collected needs to be natural. With systems to help support and disseminate the environment, urban urban projects can spread among the towns with donations. Family, to result in meaningful and radical change. ”

Laurent Hébert-Dufresne, lead author on teaching and counseling at the University of Vermont, said, “Our model can help you think about how to compare the results below and with top to bottom so that new results can be maximized.can help decide when we should deploy a technique such as composting around the country to compost when we need to to invest in a local fundraising campaign to demonstrate the potential benefits of compost. ”

Waring said that in future research, the group hopes to apply these models to all forms of positive social change, making it more difficult to deal with climate change.

The study was published in Royal Society Open Science and March 23, 2022.

How politics, society, and technology affect the way the climate is changing

More information:
Laurent Hébert-Dufresne et al, The underlying factors in school development in a structured organization. Royal Society Open Science (2022). DOI: 10.1098 / rsos.211743

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