Recent research shows that there is no turnoff for consumers


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Thinking of getting a tattoo but worried about the consequences in the process? You might not have to worry too much: New research from Rice University and the University of Houston has found that consumers don’t pay close attention to employees with paint – and in some settings, ink is seen as an additive. .

The study “Do employee stamps leave a mark on the effects of customers on products and companies?” Seen in a recent issue of Journal of the Organizing Committee. Written by Enrica Ruggs, professor of navigation at CT Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, and Mikki Hebl, Martha and Henry Malcolm Lovett Chair of Psychology and doctor at Rice’s Jones Graduate School of Business.

The researchers looked at how consumers viewed not only employees with brands, but also the industries that use them. They compared the way consumers view employees and services in workplaces where employees do not have a license plate.

They found that in some business sectors, such as white -collar jobs, customers see the white -collar workers and the jobs they work in as well – and Better than – companies and employees in workplaces without a stamp. In a school experiment that evaluated sales, employees with brands sold as many products as employees who didn’t have them.

“While some previous research has shown hiring authorities are hesitant to hire employees with visible brands in a sector because they are worried that customers will find these employees more attractive. “small business, it can hurt the business. It’s not bothered by the employees who are hired,” Ruggs said.

Ruggs and Hebl believe that the research will help organizations determine knowledge when developing policies related to appearance in the workplace.

More information:
Enrica N. Ruggs et al, Do employee pressures leave a mark on the effects of consumers on products and organizations ?, Journal of the Organizing Committee (2022). DOI: 10.1002 / hana.2616

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