Recent research on the threat to climate change policies by rising populist ideology

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The five policies may be the next target for right -wing populist parties as energy prices rise, researchers say, linking links between climate policy and political parties.

New research published from the University of Warwick and the University of Sussex Community College shows that the south -central regions are working hard to increase the strength of the resc climate policy score by about 22 % relative to the statistical average and the power of virtue- The populist wing leads to a 24% reduction relative to the statistical average.

In the study, “How Do Populist Right-Wing Parties Change Climate and Renewable Energy Policies? Evidence from OECD Countries,” the researchers conducted a quantitative analysis of the effects of climate change consolidation. Right -wing populist party in parliament and executive branch. and a new energy policy for some OECD countries between 2007 and 2018. They combined data on the effectiveness of the policies with data based on right -wing populism and in parliaments. and governments.

The study found that while right -wing populist parties in countries outside the EU had a negative impact on climate policy, they did not have significant influence on average when working in the United States. governments of EU countries.

Dr. Ben Lockwood, Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick, said: “Our paper provides some of the first major evidence on the relationship of right -wing populism to the progress of climate policy, in the smallest among OECD countries.The EU and proportionality rules seem to reduce this effect.These findings are relevant, because right -wing populism has not ended: although Trump ( for now) out of power in the US, Hungary and Poland ‘the strong’ will continue to rule.It is unparalleled and in the European Union the populist right is the fourth largest parliamentary party . “

The study, co -written by Drs. Lockwood, points out that countries in the EU with proportional representation (PR) electoral systems are better at shielding themselves from threats from right -wing populist parties and leaders who are breaking the ice. climate policy than countries outside the EU with first-and-last elections such as the US, Canada and Australia.

Research shows that the right -wing populist party has a significant impact on climate policy. In critical systems, when the head of state and all cabinet posts are held by right -wing populist parties, the figure given for climate policy strength is 58% lower than before. compared to a right -wing populist government. .

However, researchers did not see the involvement of right -wing populist parties in governments have any significant impact on new energy policies, according to a newly published paper.

The research, published today in the journal Global Environmental Industryexplain that nationalist parties may allow new forms of energy if they can help end energy security problems and maintain reliance on foreign energy supplies. especially for governments without a home fossil fuel depot.

Dr. Matthew Lockwood, Director of Energy Policy at the Information Technology Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex School of Business Administration and Director of the Sussex Energy Group said:

“The center-right political parties are more interested in sticking to strong climate policies, but the rise of right-wing populist parties and movements shows a threat of a different kind. there are few right sides, when they do so, like Donald Trump in the U.S., the impact of climate policy is not good. it’s about changing the climate on historical levels. “

Scholars believe climate change and new energy goals at the supranational level have undermined the power of right -wing populist parties in climate change policies in EU states.

The power of right-wing populist parties over climate policy is weaker in countries with PR electoral systems than those with first-past-the-post majoritarian systems, the study found.

Researchers have explained that in countries with PR, right -wing populist parties enter the government as small coalition partners with small numbers of cabinet ministers and first work their portfolios on issues such as moving beyond the climate and new energy policy. Of the 43 right -wing populist offices in Europe since 1993, their deputies have been caught in the crossfire in nine cases – including five related to the Prawo party in Sprawiedliwość ( PiS) at this time.

In major electoral systems, the usual path to government for right -wing populists is through capture in the middle right, as seen with Donald Trump and the Republican Party in the US. With populist takeover in bipartisan politics, they have more power through the executive and the legislature to defend climate policy than a PR system, the study found.

While enumerating other factors related to climate change in education, the researchers also noted:

  • Rising unemployment levels will reduce the effectiveness of climate policy as other policies become more critical during a recession.
  • Local air pollution enhances the effectiveness of climate policy in response to the citizen’s demand for a better environment.
  • High levels of CO2 Each segment of GDP has a negative impact on climate policy which indicates a level of resistance to decarbonization from manufacturers.
  • Countries with high levels of fuel exports also have improved climate change policies.
  • Different levels of GDP per capita and higher education have no significant effect on the population.

The link between skepticism and support for right -wing populists – learning

More information:
Ben Lockwood et al, How Do North Wing Populist Parties Change to New Standards and Policies? Reports from OECD countries, Global Environmental Management (2022). DOI: 10.1162 / glep_a_00659

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