Recent research into the challenges facing New York State nail salon workers

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A new Cornell University Worker Institute report on the low wages and poor working conditions of New York’s nail salon workers will be unveiled today (April 7) at a conference on New York City is calling for the passing of the Nail Salon Minimum Standards Council. Act.

Professor Risa Lieberwitz, director of education at the Worker Institute, said, “This report highlights the important aspects of working conditions for nail salon practitioners. Most importantly, the advice in the presentation – with increasing standards through the nature of the department – intends to improve standards… in ways appropriate to the nature of the nail salon industry. “

New York ranks nationwide for having the highest preference for nail technologies, and for nail salon service costs that are lower than the national average, according to the authors, Zoë West, Worker Institute related research; Russell Weaver, ILR Buffalo Co-Lab researcher, and KC Wagner, director of Workplace Issues.

“Unvarnished: Precarity and Poor Working Conditions for Nail Salon Workers in New York State” is based on an analysis of government data on the industry; join nail salon staff working in four languages; and a state survey of nail salons. The report examines state bills after the 2015 labor and research report that put the concept of the nail industry in mind and calls for the concept of responsibility for organization and support. in changing the profession, speaking of participation in training and awareness of the responsibilities of employees. encourage staff to speak up.

Canadian nail salons have high levels of harmful chemicals

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The study is available as a PDF.

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Directions: New research papers on the challenges faced by New York State nail salon workers (2022, April 7) retrieved April 8, 2022 from -york-state-salon-workers.html

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