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A proper debunking appeared this week in National Review, the conservative magazine, written by Andrew McCarthy, a former plaintiff who knew he did not agree with Jackson on legal issues. McCarthy also wrote that Hawley’s allegations were “unfair to the point of demagoguery” and “a smear.” Senator Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, pointed out that some Trump candidates like Jackson have a similar history of child pornography cases, and Hawley chose to prove them.

The whole education became the other side of the audience, with Republicans like Cruz and Marsha Blackburn trying to portray Jackson as a supporter for him. In fact, he did not take a position on the problems that fell under that area. His only connection – a small one – was with them serving on the board of Georgetown Day School, an elite private school in Washington.

It was enough for the Republican National Committee to tweet his picture this week, with his first product – KBJ – stripped and replaced with CRT, a short for strong racial sentiment. (Most of the Republican condemnation of Jackson may have been about an elected official, regardless of race, but it’s hard to imagine a similar tweet about a white judge.)

The only time Jackson spoke of racism to the public in a 2015 speech. , science, psychology and statistics.

In fact, Republicans are right that many public issues are legitimate subjects of public debate. And on top of that, Republicans could create a trust case of progressive Democrats on the left of public opinion (as explained by Thomas Edsall, a Times Opinion journalist).

Most Americans are against cutting down on police drills, for example. People feel that it is unfair to allow all transgender girls to compete in girls’ sports. Many voters – and not just white voters – think liberals pay too much attention to racism. Most Americans are proud of the country and its symbols, including things considered by some successful people, such as Thanksgiving, the Constitution, the flag and George Washington.

But in trying to make Jackson stand out from these ideas, Republican senators are turning a blind eye to the truth. They’re making a caricature of a liberal Democrat like Jackson himself.

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