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What are Piles?

Swollen blood vessels in the area around the anus and lower neck become swollen and have a root called a rash. Sometimes, the movement of the abdomen is irritated and the walls of the veins dilate, leading to their swelling.


  • Anal blood (red red)
  • Painful or painful during defecation
  • Hard lumps near the anus
  • Examination of the anus
  • Discharged from the anus

What is the cause of Piles?

  • Hemorrhoids (haemorrhoids) can affect anyone after a year. Pregnancy is most commonly seen in the elderly during pregnancy.
  • Excessive pressure on the abdomen leads to swelling of the veins, which is also the cause of the lumps.
  • Obesity, longevity, pregnancy, excessive fatigue during defecation, strenuous physical activity, sneezing, or sneezing are the main causes of weight gain.
  • The number of hills increased as the population preferred processed food.

What are the treatment options for Piles?

A physician can be discussed and treatment can be obtained from pharmacists. There are creams available to help reduce swelling and ease the pain.

  • A warm bath of about 15 minutes a day for most of the time can keep the cells at bay.
  • The pain can be relieved by taking painkillers.
  • Laxatives can be used if you suffer from constipation
  • An injection may be given that can remove the hemorrhoid to a large extent.
  • The sealing medication can be used to remove prolapsed hemorrhoids to effectively replace its blood supply.
  • The effect of the hemorrhoid can be diagnosed with a laser or electric shock.
  • Severe internal hemorrhoids can be treated with an operation called a hemorrhoidectomy.

What are the cutting options for caring for Piles?

A hemorrhoidectomy is performed where incisions are made around the anus to cut the hemorrhoids. Internal anesthesia may be given or during the ride.

An invasive procedure is often used to remove a hemorrhoid out of the anal canal. The hemorrhoid’s blood is cut by a process similar to stapling. This process is less painful and can be quicker to recover in less problems.

• Rubber box sealing

• Laser treatment

A chemical is added to reduce the amount of hemorrhoid. This procedure is called sclerotherapy.

Which Doctors Do Piles Cut?

Ask your doctor first.

If an operation is needed, you will be referred to a general practitioner or gastroenterologist.

Who is the candidate to cut Piles?

A candidate has been suffering from these conditions for a long time.

  • The amount of blood
  • It is impossible to urinate
  • The fever
  • Unable to defecate

What are the preparations for cutting Piles?

You may need to stop any medications that can cause bleeding within a week before the surgery. Such drugs can include anti -inflammatory drugs.

You will need to prepare the abdomen a day before surgery which includes drinking a solution to cleanse your gastrointestinal system or make an enema (a type of dissolved fluid). in the lower abdomen) yourself.

Your doctor will discuss any problems with the procedure and answer any questions. There are questions about the type of anesthesia used and so on. The cause of the problem has to do with your overall health condition.

What are the risks and challenges of cutting Piles?

  • The blood
  • The disease
  • Effect of anesthesia
  • trouble urinating
  • Pain in the anal sphincter and lack of humiliation

What is the recovery time after the Piles procedure?

  • About 2 weeks after cutting
  • In some cases, full recovery may take up to 6 weeks

What to keep after the Piles process? What can be done to prevent the re -growth of Piles?

  • Take care of your stomach so that it is easy to get rid of
  • Keep a high fiber diet
  • Lots of water
  • Take additives such as Citrucel or Metamucil

What is the cost of the Piles business?

  • Sclerotherapy will cost around Rs 1000 to 3000
  • It can be purchased for between Rs. 10000 or Rs.20000
  • Stapler will be priced at around Rs 12000

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