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Falcons, folklore and pearl hunters like stratospheric skyscrapers, five -star hotels and trade in Qatar’s strength.
Qatar does not have visas for South Africans (and citizens of other countries over 80). You do not have to pay or apply for a visa. Instead, South Americans will be exempted from a 30 -day visa waiver at their port of entry into Qatar. This waiver allows the holder to rent for up to 30 days in Qatar, on a single trip or on multiple trips. You can ask for an extension of up to 30 days.

What do you need:

  • a valid insurance policy with a minimum of six months
  • a pre -booked ticket or ticket
  • Good knowledge

    Hamad International Airport is the best airport in the world for the second year in a row at the SkyTrax Airport Awards 2022, this makes it the best travel destination on your way to anywhere near Europe, America or Asia.

    But given the visa waiver, you would be crazy not to take a few days to explore this mighty city, full of everything you could think of and more.

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    When is the best time to visit?

    Summer (June to September) is peak season and the temperature rises to around 40 ° C, sometimes as high as 50 ° C! Cool air is normal, but spring (March to May) is a great time to visit with the mildness of the temperature. The winter (December to February) is mild with temperatures around 23 ° C per day.

    Not enough time?

    Traveling in Qatar, it takes a lot longer to travel by air. If your trip is 8 hours or more, you can turn your vacation into a long vacation by embarking on a Doha city tour, or a wilderness trip that takes in the amazing Inland Sea. For trips of 3 hours or more, choose tours and activities within Hamad International Airport.

    The tour is accompanied by an English speaking guide. Arabic is the official language in Qatar but with most foreigners you will know English.

    Amazing things to see and do in Doha

    Take a photo below the prisoners at the magnificent Museum of Islamic Art

    Hold on for the time being

    The museum has free admission and has been home to a collection dating back 1400 years. A walk around the surrounding MIA grounds is a must as it boasts the best views of the city’s skyline. The museum is hosting an exhibition showcasing materials and artisans from Turkey, Iran and India.
    Closes Tuesday. Free wifi and no entry fee.

    Explore the heart of the city at Souq Waqif

    Photo by @hinnaqazi on Instagram

    There is a souq in this area much longer than one can remember, its current appearance is that of old Qatari houses that have been rebuilt and restored. This is a good place to go, look for shops in the market and grab some food. The Falcon souq is a must -visit, especially on Thursday evenings where you can experience Qatari culture with vendors and shopkeepers discussing the birds. If you apply carefully you will be allowed to visit a special falcon hospital. Souq Waqif is the perfect way to see this vibrant city. Souq Al Wakrah-Qatar by the sea is a good place to visit.

    Discover Qatari culture and history at Katara Cultural Village

    Photo by @wanderlust_travelling_3 / via Instagram

    The village showcases Qatari architecture steeped in history and is a commercial and cultural center with an amphitheater. Qatar Beach offers fun summer adventures as well as specials on jet-ski rides.

    Photo courtesy of @kataraqatar on Instagram

    Swim in the vast blue Persian Sea

    Photo courtesy of @visitqatar on Instagram

    563 km of beaches have many beaches to enjoy. Snorkeling, swimming or jet-skiing, is just a reminder to respect the low-cut dress during the holy month of Ramadan.

    Photo courtesy of @buenaphotos and @visitqatar on Instagram

    Discover the hip coffee culture of Doha

    Photo by @ on Instagram

    Popularly known as Flat White, this dry coffee grounds are maintained by two caffeine enthusiasts who hope to take Qatar’s unique coffee to the next level.
    Opening hours: Saturday -Wednesday 7 am -11 pm Friday 7 am -11:30 pm

    Chapter 346, 27 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, Ka Momi, Qatar
    (+974) 4029 1965

    Photo by @ on Instagram

    Enjoy a day spa and swimming pool at this 5-star hotel in Torch, Doha

    Photo by @thetorchdoha on Instagram

    Aspire Tower also makes this 300 meter high skyscraper hotel a fantastic Saturday special where you can look into your Deluxe room, enjoy full access to the high -rise swimming pool, sauna and steam room for R1636 (450 Qatari Rial). The special offers you to get a 25% discount at their restaurant.
    The many 5-star hotels that grace Doha’s skyline are reminiscent of Qatar’s recent history and booming economy. Qatar offers the highest income in the world and is a playground for the wealthy elite with large shopping malls. Take a look and you’ll be shocked by Qatar’s protests.

    Get a cold drink at Evergreen Organics’s 100% vegan cafe

    Photo by @ on Instagram

    For traditional Middle Eastern food there are many restaurants in Souq Waqif offering a plethora of dishes from the country and elsewhere but Doha also has interesting restaurants like Evergreen Organics which has opened. Recently The cafe focuses on health and food and is a beautiful oasis in the city.
    The past meets this middle eastern hub. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Doha dynamic in the comments below.

    This article was first published on 19 August 2017

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