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Puerto Ricans living in Florida, the largest state in the country, strongly support undocumented immigrants, a political idea that is more social and political than intellectual. Of political candidates and policy makers, citing a study by the University of California, Davis.

The study focuses on Latino migration, race and education by uncovering the nuance and complexity of Latinos ’new politics, taking a closer look at the 2016 presidential election, the author said. of the research, Ariana J. Valle, assistant professor of science.

The study, “‘ He starts by exploring Mexicans and ends with Puerto Ricans: ‘unpacking Florida Puerto Ricans’ politics of immigration, ”was published last month in the journal. National and National Studies.

Interview with Florida Puerto Ricans

The study was conducted at 75 in -depth interviews of Florida Puerto Ricans Valle in Orlando, Florida, during the 2016 presidential election from July 2015 to February 2016.

“This review provides independent insight into how Puerto Ricans in Central Florida think about the migration debate, as well as the insights, conditions, and social forces that contribute to the establishment of migration. their political views and choices, ”said Valle, a Latino and Spanish speaker. who conducted interviews in Spanish, English and “Spanglish.”

While politics in the state has had much of a conservative history, it is home to the third -largest number of Latino voters in the United States, or 3.1 million people (after California and Texas). While migration from Puerto Rico to Florida is growing – making them second only to Cuban Latinos in that state and the largest collection of Puerto Ricans in any U.S. state – Puerto Ricans make up the majority of the population. the Latinos. Their electoral history and politics were not well studied in Florida, as their native American country did not lack federal elections. In addition, Puerto Rican communities have, historically, been in the Northeast United States, Valle said in his study.

In Valle’s interviews, he found that the majority of respondents, or 67, expressed support for the undocumented move, providing a path to legalization and legalization. native. A common theme emerged, in which respondents stated that the majority of immigrants were legally responsible for their contributions to the United States as employees, consumers and taxes, their employment, and the welfare of families. And, 40% of respondents reported the move as a high 2016 election problem.

A Puerto Rican man and a 10 -year -old Orlando native described it this way, about Mexican immigrants he met and worked with as a construction worker:

“I have friends who are local kids but they aren’t [citizens]I think it is appropriate to give them responsibility for the US… My friends have been returned to their country of birth and their family has lived in the US, we have collected donations for the families who have lived since the user is lost. “

Regarding the election, a Puerto Rican -born driver and 10 -year -old Orlando resident said: “Yes, yes, I have to vote,” in the presidential election. He added that voting is not the same as “turning my back on the Mexican and Cuban brothers.”

He explained: “[Donald Trump] He said he wanted to build a wall so they wouldn’t get in, why? They are the ones who feed you… Mexicans are working in the fields… Why is he keeping them? Unthinkable, inhumane. “

Valle has a second key theme that explains Puerto Ricans ’support for the undocumented move that is the coalescing of the Latino community for whom, knowledge and unity fostered Puerto Ricans’ knowledge. common experiences with Latin American immigrants and the mixed perception of vulnerability to the anti-immigrant / anti-Latino sociopolitical climate of the time. For example, a Puerto Rican -born / raised respondent and a two -year -old Orlando resident reported the seriousness of the 2016 election:

Number one, the movement… discrimination and oppression of Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Peruvians, all… will hurt us Puerto Ricans because of Donald Trump’s stupid words. He was against the Mexicans, but to our dismay, he was a Republican. , he is a racist… He starts by looking for Mexicans and ends with Puerto Ricans…

In comparison, four of the respondents reported a different approach to mobility. A Puerto Rican -born 24 -year -old Florida -born vacationer reportedly believes too many Mexican immigrants return their money to Mexico.

Nearly 70% of those surveyed were long -term residents (10 years or more of living in Florida); and about 30% of respondents have come back in the past five years, Valle said. The sample was evenly distributed among respondents with a college degree or higher and those with college or university graduates.

About one -third of respondents work in professions that require a college or university degree (such as business and administration; education, health, and community services); 37% was spent on sales, services and manufacturing; and 30% are unemployed or unemployed.

“This lesson has important ideas for understanding Latinidad and modern Latino politics in the largest U.S. state, ”Valle said.

The high incidence of diabetes, high blood pressure in Puerto Ricans is associated with brain changes

More information:
Ariana J. Valle, “He started by looking for Mexicans and ended up with Puerto Ricans”: opening up to the emigration policy of Florida Puerto Ricans, National and National Studies (2022). DOI: 10.1080 / 01419870.2022.2052142

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