Promote health care with hybrid practice

The way we work, live, and learn has really changed. After two years where most of the workers worked from home, there is hybrid work to stay.

In health care, we are seeing new technology coming at a faster pace. Make it confusingan idea previously reserved for technology companies and forward -thinking professionals, has been adopted in health care with great success.

In March, Cisco joined the The Health Information Systems Association (HIMSS) annual conference, where we demonstrated the power of hybrid practice through our patient and provider knowledge. We encourage you to take the scary journey explore ways in which technology can make a positive impact on the conservation journey.

Why hybrid work?

Health care workers are in trouble. Next to About 20% of health care workers have quit their jobs since the disease beganand 49% of those who said smoking or being seriously ill were the main reason they left the health care system.

The disease has increased our community’s awareness of mental and emotional health problems due to stress, isolation, and loss of connection and community. While the general public knows the effects of these conditions in a profound way, the physician population is placed at the most of these conditions.

If it is not treated immediately, it will cause physical harm (happy doctor) will have an impact on the future of health care with significant consequences on patient satisfaction at work and the quality of care delivery.

To truly address the problems facing our community in relation to physical injury for our health care workers – our health care system needs to change, and we need to focus on employee awareness and with good.

Now is the time to rethink the workplace for our doctors and care teams, to provide them with the technical tools they need to reduce time on the operating system and spend more time with them. interact with illnesses or leave work for mental and physical relaxation.

How is care provided in a hybrid setting?

For health care organizations, providing hybrid practice can help keep staff and reduce physician burnout by allowing physicians and staff to produce more. their preferred place – in a shelter, at home, or moving between places.

One of the most common ways we see health care being given is in a hybrid form telehealth. Patients and providers can be in the most appropriate position during the consultation. For patients, telehealth is a form of on -demand care, with immediate access to the providers and professionals they need. For providers, telehealth is better, and there is less time to travel between hospitals, health clinics and their home. And because Webex connects immediately integrated into electronic health records, telehealth is easy to use.

One area where we have seen a significant impact of hybrid activity on the front digital window. The first digital portal is an omnichannel disease management tool, reducing staff burden on planning and improving selection and consistent decision making for patients.

How does hybrid practice improve medical knowledge?

As I mentioned earlier, hybrid work helps reduce the burden that often falls on suppliers. But hybrid work can lead to efficiency in providing care.

Medical and manual communication caregivers can communicate in different places in a care home or between home and home. If the nurse needs to visit the provider by phone, they can do so by email or telephone. That is, the provider can communicate remotely and quickly and efficiently.

Through us hybrid workers use case, we can help health care organizations come together and work better, regardless of their location, by providing a remote and stable connection within the workplace.

The last area is where hybridization is taken into health care through remote sensing. Using Webex is remote technology on demand combined with real -time enhancers, experts can share knowledge and experience with students in an educational setting, or train providers in remote areas where it is not available. to a specialist. This technology can be used to connect remote engineers to the front line, so they can see what the front line operator is seeing while doing their work.

Start with hybrid work

At HIMSS 2022, we really know that hybrid practice is the future of health care. Although the industry has begun hybrid practice as a means of saving care during illness, health care organizations recognize the value of hybrid practice in improving patient care and awareness. physician, and the financial and environmental benefits of hybrid practice.

Everything is involved, including medical science, medical science, and the nursing profession. Cisco brings value by offering computer management and hybrid performance, one service style at a time.

Want to dive deeper into hybrid work for health care? We encourage you to take a look at this brief webinar on how hybrid work supports health care providers around the worlda request a demo from a hybrid production company.


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