Project Sunrise: Qantas plans to have the world’s longest -running aircraft

(CNN) – Qantas was instrumental in launching Project Sunrise, its long -term goal to establish direct flights between Australia and the cities of New York and London.

The airline has ordered 12 Airbus A350-1000s, with the hope that the ultra-long-haul routes could start work in 2025.

In total, there are 238 seats per aircraft, which is the lowest number for Airbus A350s currently in service. Those seats are spread across four levels of service – first class, business class, economics and economics.

Consolation is necessary, because, which will launch in just over 19 hours, they will be the longest -running planes in the world.

The in -flight lessons provide some clues about what Qantas is planning for passengers on board.

The photos of the first floor apartments show separate beds, reclining chairs and office rooms.

Currently, the smallest economy class seats have a pitch of 33 inches, compared to the average 30-31 inches in most carriers.

“Wellbeing Zones” will use the aircraft’s surrounding areas to store healthy food and beverages and provide tours to wake up.

Mattresses of Qantas standard aircraft will be available in the front offices.

Mattresses of Qantas standard aircraft will be available in the front offices.

About Qantas

It was a dream year in the making

The Australian national flag carrier has made no secret of his goal to fly directly between Melbourne and Sydney in Australia and New York City and London.

Qantas has called the project “Project Sunrise.” The name was inspired by World War II secret planes made from Perth to Sri Lanka en route to London. They were full of misfortune, and for a long time they saw two sunrises.

“For more than 100 years, Qantas has been at the forefront of changing the way the world travels, even through direct aircraft,” Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said in a statement.

“Right now, the A350 and Project Sunrise will operate close to the world’s cities with just one flight from Australia. It’s the last resort and the ultimate solution to the long -distance abuse that has taken place. on a trip to Australia. “

In 2019, the aircraft flew test flights in Sydney to New York City and Sydney to London as an experiment.

The health of sailors and passengers was monitored during the voyage to see how the long flight would affect future flights. Recorder users view sleep patterns, work schedules, eating and drinking and other information.

According to travel programs around the world, Sunrise has been devastated by coronavirus infection.

Last year, CEO Richard Quest told CNN “when we’re done (improving Qantas’ local fleet), we’ll be working early in the morning in 2022, to visit again we’re at Sunrise or the equivalent somewhere like 2024 or 2025 for the first flight to come., given the delay. “

The place on the ship "Living Area" provide riders with healthy meals and exercise videos.

The onboard “Wellbeing Zone” provides riders with fitness classes and fitness videos.

About Qantas

What is the end

Although Project Sunrise aircraft have been around for years, Qantas has begun to think about expanding its ultra-long-haul offerings.

The airline confirmed that Paris and Frankfurt are being considered for direct flights to come after the New York City and London routes are established.

In 2019, Qantas also included the city of Brisbane as one of the East Australian hubs for these aircraft, but it is unclear if it will be part of the Project Sunrise project.

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