Police are seen stealing the mysterious man from Walmart in a horrific photo

An 18 -year -old girl is missing from a parking lot in Fernley, Nevada Walmart last week and the police desperately need help from the public!

According to authorities, Naomi Irion was last seen on March 12 at about 5 am in the local Walmart parking lot. He is waiting for a car to pick him up and take him to his work Panasonic, a constant work for him. At the conference on Tuesday, Detective Erik Kusmerz with the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office more information about the trial was revealed, including photographs of an unidentified man whom they believed had stolen from him.

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Based on information from Irion’s cell phone, police found he was active on social media between 5:09 a.m. and 5:23 a.m. In fact, he sent an email. Snapchat just a minute before he was approached by a man in a gray hoodie. In the security photos (below), the mysterious man is seen wandering out of the store and in front of several cars before approaching Naomi’s car.

Little is known about him at this time except that he is believed to be a six -foot -tall man who is running in a dark color 2020 or more. O Chevrolet 2500 High Country four -door car.

After he approached Noami, she was seen standing at her window before asking her to slip into the car seat. Then he got in the car and rode with her. A day later, on March 15, his car was spotted far away from the store. Police said the evidence in the car showing his disappearance was wrong and questionable.

The researchers concluded their search for a location north of Wadsworth, Nevada. The teen’s phone pinged at the scene for 10 minutes before being arrested.

Naomi’s family was very worried about her disappearance; they thought this was an attack. His older brother, Casey valleyHe explained that he always arrived at the Walmart parking lot in the morning. A bus was coming to pick him up to his work between 5:30 and 5:40 am The suspect who was supposed to be waiting at the train station for Irion saw that he was time board.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office also called for someone with the information to leave immediately. Because several other people were seen on the security footage at the time of the alleged abduction, the family felt they had the information they were not sharing with the police.

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Asking for help from the community, Valley said during the conference.

“If they can make us, they can make you. We are a family. You have a family.”

The mother of the child Diane Irion also required:

“Please rescue my daughter and bring her home. Anything, small details, please call… There is very little information to share. Now, we need the help of everyone in the country because the event is so close to I-80. It can be everywhere, in all parts of the nation. “

The family scheduled another search on Saturday, but no details were released. They asked the current viewer to search on the north side of Interstate 80 where routes 427 and 95 stand on the east side of the reserve.

The Irion (above, inset) is shown to be 5’11 ”and weighs about 240 pounds. He had dark hair, green eyes, and sharp spots on both sides of his nose and septum. He had a laughing pin on one of his ankles. He was later seen in a blue Panasonic shirt, a gray shirt, a suit, and a jacket. O Ugg shoes shoes. You should contact the confidential agent at 775-322-4900.

Listen more from the conference here:

The amount of litigation has increased, now with powers from the local, state, and federal levels. We send our thoughts and love to this family at this awesome time! Here is the hope that they can bring Naomi back home safely.

[Image via Lyon County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook]

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