Philadelphia also needs masks in the open spaces inside

April 12, 2022

Reporting a rise in COVID-19 cases due to the subvariant Omicron, the city of Philadelphia reinstated its face protection order on Monday.

The city averaged 142 COVID cases per day on Monday, compared with 84 new cases on April 1, the city government said in a news release. Hospitals were maintained, with about 50 people daily treated with COVID.

“If we don’t do it now, knowing that every wave of illness has been followed before by a wave of hospitalizations, then a wave of death will be too late because of the large number of our citizens, ”Cheryl Bettigole, MD, the city’s health commissioner, told The Associated Press. “Now is our time to go ahead with the disease, put on our masks until we get more information about the complexity of this new form.”

Philadelphia became the first major city to return a mask order, according to the Associated Press. Philadelphia released its mask order on March 2 even as most major cities suspended detainees because cases were falling apart. While the number of cases has not reached the figures of the past few months, they are rising significantly.

The city needs masks in all public spaces, including schools, businesses, restaurants, offices, and government buildings, according to the city’s release. Businesses and businesses can fall short of the mask requirement if everyone is fully occupied in the building and the medical condition is checked upon entry. Implementation will begin on April 18th.

The Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association has complained that the law hurts restaurant employees.

“This announcement is important to thousands of small businesses and other manufacturers in the city who believe this spring is the beginning of a recovery,” said Ben Fileccia, chief operations officer at the hi. Twitter. “While the rest of the Commonwealth is moving to drive life with COVID, Philadelphia has come back by putting in a different mandate and expecting it to be implemented by agencies and their employees.” In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams spoke Monday at a news conference. he will listen to his team of physicians for advice on returning COVID holders, the Associated Press said.

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