Personal Vs. Sleep: What’s the difference

There are many similarities between sex and sex – but they are not the same. What is the difference between sexuality and physical appearance, and how do the two relate to each other?

“Sexual” is very simple: When people talk about sex, they often talk about the process of physical intimacy between parental consent. Sometimes, of course, the idea of ​​“heart” is combined with sexuality.

“I think people often use‘ sensual ’when trying to speak [or imply] ‘light -hearted,’ if ‘sensual’ is better remembered it’s just ‘the heart’ – seeing, smelling, sounding, tasting, and being touched, ”says Richard M. Siegel , PhD, licensed mental health consultant and director of Modern Sex Therapy Institutes in West Palm Beach, FL.

In other words, the beauty of sex is always about the heart – can you sleep without your five thoughts? But it is not right to engage in fornication. It’s a lot more than that.

You can choose to cover your body as part of a prostitution session, as part of an intercourse session that should not lead to sexual intercourse, or for the worse without considering someone else. related.

“Sensuality is the basis of how we perceive our body, other bodies, and the world around us,” said Rosara Torrisi, PhD, a certified gynecologist, director founder of The Long Island Institute of Sex Therapy, and co-host of the podcast Our Better Half is about sex and the elderly. “My main job as a gynecologist is to help people with their physical problems.”

“Sensuality is a way to be physically healthy, through fun and excitement and fun and celebration,” she says. “Enjoying your body can be a rebellion if you are not argued or imposed on someone else, and you have your pleasure and your time.”

Reconnect with your physical body

So how can you get back in touch with your physical body – whether you want to or not to lead to sex? Let’s start by going back to the basics.

“Think about what’s best in your brand,” Torrisi said. “What do you want to kiss? What do you like What other songs and sounds would you like to listen to? What do you want to see? Meditation is the reason for it. It’s about seeing what’s going on with your hearts and enjoying your body.

Some ideas to look for:

Fun physical activity. This could include dancing, yoga, stretching, walking, jumping up and down, and playing the piano or other musical instrument. What are negative emotions?

Seek beauty in your world every day. It might be a flower in the garden, or the sunset, or a picture. What do you find interesting to look at?

Make food. It doesn’t have to be a good lunch. Making simple sweet potato spaghetti can brighten up your taste buds and taste buds. Take a look at the smell of glass, cardamom, and perfume. Taste the sweet potato. Keep up with the spices in your kitchen.

Climb the fence. Take a look at different types of fabrics and materials such as wool, fur, wool, or suede.

“Try different textures, fragrances, fragrances and use them to make your body look more like a whole,” says Torrisi. Remember, this is about knowing what is best for you. It doesn’t have to lead to anything else.

“The heart is for everyone, if you’re alone, with a partner, with many partners, and have never been in a physical relationship,” Torrisi said. “Perhaps your greatest joy is to put on comfortable bedding, to drink a cup of tea in a quiet house, and to enjoy looking out over your yard. That is the heart. It’s a way to stay healthy in your body. “

How the heart improves sex

Although sex and the body do not have to go together, they can. And sometimes a physical examination can improve the sexual nature of your life – the body is more at its physical limits.

Sex educator Jane Fleishman, PhD, focuses on the sexual well -being of older adults in high -risk communities. “They need to re -think the way their bodies look over the years and re -think about the heart as a form of fun,” he said. “Inspiration leads to a female relationship … or that’s all we’re looking for in ourselves.”

If you have a partner, you can also decide to interact with your bodies for the sake of desire and arousal, Fleishman says.

For example, he points to the physical fun of dance music with proper lighting and air. “Or try‘ physical map ’ – touch every part of your body to see again what’s good and what’s not,” Fleishman says. “With men who have lived a long time and because sex isn’t good and isn’t done, this kind of physical therapy is a great way to reconnect.”

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