People raised in cities are worse off driving: a study


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Those who grew up in the country have better leadership and navigation skills than those who were raised in cities, a study said Wednesday.

To find out how childhood drives, the scientists looked at nearly 400,000 people from 38 countries who played a fixed video game designed for neuroscience research.

Players of the game “Sea Hero Quest” must navigate a boat to find the marks on the map, according to research published in so so good book.

“We know that growing out of cities is a good way to develop driving skills, and this seems to be driven by the lack of complexity of many road networks in cities. , “said lead researcher Hugo Spiers of the University of London.

Lead author Antoine Coutrot of the University of Lyon said the research first showed that when rats grew up in homes with pathways of varying severity, “it was changed. some cognitive powers in their brain, including spatial navigation ”.

However, it is much easier to train people because “we can’t keep them in cages,” he told AFP.

So the researchers used “Sea Hero Quest”, created in 2016 to study Alzheimer’s disease and since then has been played by nearly four million people.

Coutrot said those who grew up in the countryside were better off because “the land is kind of hard because it’s not well laid out, with too much distance, which means you have to remember your ala. “

However, those raised in hardy cities like Paris and Prague are better off than in cities with high street conditions like Chicago, he added.

And parents can improve their leadership skills later in life if they work on it.

“It’s like learning another language, it’s easier when you learn it when you’re young,” Coutrot said.

Researchers have developed a new version of the game called “City Hero Quest” to test how the locals live in their natural state.

Those who were raised in the cities were better off on road plans than those who grew up in the country – but not as different as the other way around.

Growing in the countryside or in the interior will improve spatial navigation

More information:
Antoine Coutrot, Entropy of urban road systems linked to future spatial navigation capabilities, so so (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41586-022-04486-7.

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