Other delicious Thai food for you to try

Larb or Laab, a delicious salad, chili and lime available in a variety of flavors such as chicken (larb gai), pork (larb moo) or a variety of food items. The most popular food is healthy, fresh and in a variety of flavors that can be eaten on its own or with wooden rice, but it is usually taught to come with a fragrant tea.

If you’re more on the competition side, order the Larb Mote Daeng. This Thai delicacy is made with red potatoes and their berries in a fragrant salad, but it tastes so much better than it looks!

However, you need a stomach of steel for a special niche salad called Laab Dib, which is made with raw beef in unsweetened blood and bile with herbs. There is a lot of trouble in eating raw meat due to bacteria, so I would not recommend this food to tourists.

If you don’t think you can try this traditional food then try Thailand Tom yum goong or something Kari Massaman | They both combine delicious flavors without the problem of irritating your stomach.

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